Randy US Sailors Good for Local Economy

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Rocketeer, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. You haven't bought any beer in the US recently I take it. Better stuff than pisswater is there.

    The sailors will especially be looking for it, since US ships are still 'dry' as far as I know.
  2. The chaps chosen to be on the advance party must have cried tears of joy.

    I am happy to corroborate the report that the quality of p1ss available in the US is improving- no thanks to the domestic brands. However, Wifebeater, Cooking Lager, Boddies, Molson, Budweiser Budvar (under the name Czechvar- because those imposters at Anheuser-Busch have more expensive lawyers) are generally available in almost all supermarkets and bars (at least in So Cal) One can even get bottles of quality British "brown" and the more refined brands of "yellow" in places such as Beverages and More (BevMo). The days of having to chew on Miller Hi-Life are long gone. I'm fast becoming of the opinion that the only people that drink domestic shite such as MGD, Bud, Michelob and fcuking Coors are the mongs who see their logos plastered on NASCARs.
  3. Are in the same class as Carlsberg, Fosters, Heineken corona and the Canadian beers,so its not just the NASCAR people as was stated in the blatantly classist remark. That being said, smaller breweries brew better beers, and the US is no exception.

    my favorite an IPA
  4. we could always educate the yanks in the medicinal wonders of buckfast

  5. Lived off that stuff when in New York... not a bad beer.
  6. As they say in the OC- Ew! I particularly hate their 'boutique' beers- "Christmas/Holiday lager"? FFS!

    I will agree with you that some of the smaller breweries spam-sie are on the right track. Although I have to draw the line at things like beer that has been infused with the taste of honey, cranberries etc.- what on earth are you chaps thinking? (For a more thorough discussion, see Lock & Load, by Denis Leary.)

    BTW, my "classist statement" was not intended as such. It's merely the only explanation I can think of regarding why Miller, Coors, Bud et al are still producing such an inferior product- some fcukwits must still be buying it and sure as hell can't be for the taste or the fact that it makes you desperate to empty your bladder after only 3 bottles.
  7. is the point though when relaxing in the states, do the trad rock god thing and drink JD, from the bottle

  8. a top beer...

    most septic beers seemed pretty good the last time i was there...loads of micro-brewery stuff too...(all better than fcking wifebeater, although thats not saying much)

    Wadsworth 'Spitfire', thats a proper pint gents :D
  9. As strange as this may seem, Stella is considered an upscale drink where I'm from. You know, it's the casually-remarked "I drank loads of this stuff in Europe" beer, so it's on offer in over half of the bars and clubs now. Expensive as fcuk, too.

    Apparently it doesn't have the same effect on young American males that it does on their British counterparts, because it's not known for being particularly strong or volatile. ("Makes you talk shite, then fall over! Reassuringly tw@tted.") Maybe the alcohol content is different?
  10. Prices are more sensible of late (only about $1-2 per 6 pack than Bud). But then I bet you used to drink 40s wrapped in a brown paper bag, didn't you? :D

    In my experience septics (Angelinos at least) typically don't drink enough for Wifebeater to have its full effect. However, limited trials conducted at tailgate parties over the past few years suggest that after sufficient lubrication they are just as susceptible to experiencing static and dynamic instability along lateral, longitudinal and vertical axes, bezzering, nausea and, in some cases, swamping. Strangely though, they do not experience heightened levels of belligerence. No increased levels of shite being uttered were noticed either, but that may be attributed to a need to turn down the gain on the bullshit detector when used on Septics. :wink:

    Once had a doc gave me a 10 min lecture on the dangers of alcohol abuse after stating on a medical questionnaire that yes, I have indeed had more than 4 alcoholic beverages in one sitting. FFS- they don't even have full size pints over here! (1 US pint = 0.473 litres, 1 Imperial pint = 0.568 litres) What that had to do with chest infection I had, I don't know.
  11. That is not true, and that is a classist, racist stereotype, sir! I rese...oh, wait. It is true.

    Nothing in the world will tie knots in your bowels and turn the lining of your skull into beef jerky like an Olde English or Colt .45 hangover.

    I admire your work tremendously in this field, and propose further studies to gain valuable insights. Games against big poofy bears, for instance, may provide ideal research situations.

    Perhaps lower levels of physical aggression can be attributed to the subjects' knowledge that one or more attendees may have a gun? 8O

    Welcome to the most hypocritical city on the planet. If that doctor wasn't snorting lines off his framed diploma ten minutes before you got there, I'll eat Pete Wilson's shorts.
  12. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    I admire the fact that he found Wifebeater at all. Due to my obviously poor observational skills I couldn't find any in Belgium :D

    Spent my summer holidays last year at SHAPE and all that was on offer in Mons was Dupiler or Leffe. Both horrid but Leffe does have a severe effect on ones verticality. As an aside, never ask for the Drink Of Champions (cider) over there either: ended up with a bottle of apple juice.