Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Glorious Groundie, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. I know i have been out of a mainstream AAC regiment for a long time but how is this possible?
    I can cope with a woman pilot in a blue beret but isnt that the Royal Anglian cap badge therefore a MALE only infantry regiment.

  2. To be honest, having an AAC heli pilot that isn't AAC, but wears a smurfy lid still makes my head spin
  3. why? anybody attached to any regiment wears that units beret. surely what should be more head spinning is those who wear a maroon beret but wouldnt fit in plane door or need a cargo parachute!
  4. But why would a Corps have another Corps/Regt doing it's primary job? You don't see Engineers being Doctors, or Signallers taking teeth out
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  5. fair one, but i do see non RLC drivers driving, non RSigs using radios, non Paras parachuting etc etc. The AAC is short of pilots, always has been. Now if somebody is good enough to pass aircrew selection but also wants to eventually go beyond commanding an AAC regiment then they may want to revert back to they're old cap badge/trade. (yes i know they are exception to this rule) It has changed alot over recent years as now all NCO pilots transfer to the AAC upon gaining wings so it is only the Officers but if i remember correctly at 4/6 year point they either go back to old unit and don't fly or transfer to the AAC and rebadge. I don't know maybe its a commisioning factor (ie LT bloggs was commisioned originally into RLC before attanding the course. Therefore they are still a commissioned officer in the RLC technically)
  6. But driving, using a radio, cooking (not cheffing), are quite basic soldierly things. I once saw an infantryman do first aid
  7. Is it Royal Anglian or QOGLR..?

    Either way I'm sure she's a Loggy...
  8. don't know. untill you suggested it and i googled QOGLR i hadnt seen their badge before so probably right
  9. Unless my eyes decieve me due to grainy picture I'm very sure she's RLC. If it's the girl I think it is, she's very nice and really competant so you've scored there.

    (Cue jokes about competant people not 'fitting in' in the RLC...)
  10. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Bet she can make a mean curry.
  11. I was a Signaller once & I did 'take' a few teeth out.
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  12. Competent
  13. Ack Adj maybe? Too small to be an RLC badge.
  14. ha ha... the girl in question is my 2ic...
  15. So, fill us in, what's the cap badge?