random thoughts that make some kinda sense every now and the

hopefully i'm not the only one, but every now and then i have totally random thoughts that when i think about them later on, raise up a pretty interesting point.

- a stationary brick can be the start of a whole civilization, but a brick in motion fucking hurts.

- if a man pierces his left ear, then he's (apparently) gay, so if he pierces both ears, is he bi?

point is, i wanna hear some others so i dont feel like a total and useless retarded dumbass of a cock.

have fun.
Vegtables can't swim.
There are no fish on the moon.
put a pack of stuff on a truck- it's called a shipment...... put it on a boat, it's called Car-go.
If you had a vehicle that traveled faster than light, could you strike a match on the moon, travel back to earth and watch yourself striking it on the moon through a telescope?

Or Would it be easier to get a mate to video you doing it in the mess and watch yourself doing it later on the telly because there is not a telescope powerful enough?
Stokey said:
What would happen if you put a humidifier and dehumidifier in the same room and switched them both on?
The same as if you didnt put either of them in there in the first place?
In space...no one can hear you scream...... but when sh:t blows up in Star Wars it's well loud.
yes, a very satisfying crunch as her hip breaks, the the muffled noise of me pushing her down the stairs.
Is sneezing when you cough a bad thing, or will it make your toes fall off?
How can Batman be classed as a superhero, if he hasn't got superhero powers?
If you go back into your past and alter the future,have you really altered the future ,or was that your future anyway?
Why is Dyslexic so hard to spell?

Why does "Stammer" have two Ms and "Stutter" have two Ts?

Why does minimalistic have so many letters?

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