Random stupid rhetorical question.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jeromesausage, Aug 13, 2011.

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  1. Can any arrsers out there settle a drunken rhetorical argument I had with a mate last night?

    Just supposing you got the opportunity to meet the Queen and, instead of bowing your head as custom dictates, you felled her with a haymaker or stuck the nut on her.

    Would would the likely consequences be? Technically its an assualt which round my way would probably get you about twenty hours community service however clearly it wouldnt be as simple as that. Would you get the maximum possible sentence for an ABH (I beleive about 5 years) or is there some sort of special law that could be invoked that would see you sent to the Tower?

    Its just one of those random questions that you think of after 6 pints of Stella!
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    10 years probably, just because of who it is. If it was Achmed/Bob the corner shop owner, whom you nutted whilst ransacking his business, most likely you would get 10 minutes community service, a shiny new leg radar and compensation for hurt feelings.
  3. Based on the admittedly simplistic notion that you have to be fucking nuts to do such a thing in the first place:

    Court imposes Section 37, Mental Health Act + Section 41 (Restrictions on Discharge). Say goodbye. For the foreseeable.


    Court sends you down for say 6 months; your mum's waiting for you outside the Big House in her car on the last day as you (to your utter surprise) swoosh past her on the way to the Looney Bin under Sections 47 and 49 of the same Act. Don't make any plans... (Ian Brady's on a 47/49)
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  4. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Shot on the spot is also a possibility.
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  5. What if you haven't got spots?
  6. Im not Peter Dow BTW! Surely to nut you off it has to be clinically justifed - yes, you'd have to be bonkers to do it however supposing you WERENT technically / medically bonkers - you just hated her Maj. How could they mentally nut you off? And then off course all the human rights laws would come into play so the state would have to SHOW that you were mental. I just think that under the laws applicable to assault, you'd be in and out in whatever time the Judge decreed - though saying that, if he wanted any form of official honour anytime, he'd give nothing but the max.
  7. Yeah, you'd think, wouldn't you? Thing is, if you give someone a dig just because you hate them, it opens up all manner of (medical and legal) argument (probably around the existence or otherwise of a psychopathic disorder) which would be set before an old man wearing a wig, black stockings and a fetching red frock. Now who, out of HM and, say for example, you, d'you reckon would have access to the best representation in such a scenario? Chill, it's not so bad, once you get used to it. Weight gain and excessive drooling are the most obvious disadvantages, but we, sorry they, do get curry on a Tuesday and you don't have to bother with voting and stuff like that. No smoking though, unless you have leave outside the grounds. So, no smoking then, in effect. Mind your fingers.
  8. But surely if you give someone a dig, its out of hatred so hard to see how that argument could be used. I detest Jordan, I doubt if I ever met her I'd park her on her arse however in a fantasy world I'd bloody well love to. I just find it hard to understand that whilst you can be nutted off for life under mental health legislation, technically it would be hard to do for such a random act as this. If you had a few beers beforehand you could just argue you were shitfaced - how could they nut you off for that?
  9. speaking to a shrink, everyone is mental, however it the degrees of how mental you are. There is no baseline personality to work off. So yes you can technically be held under the mental health act if you are a danger to yourself or others. By that definition just driving your car you are mental.

    the theory does not hold when you see ed moribund as he has no personality.
  10. . . . Because THEY CAN !!

    I can't find the photo of the four security blokes "tooled-up" in a Range Rover . . .
  11. Petty treason perhaps, but not under the mental health system.

    The law sees thus:'If you throw a baby into a fire under the genuine delusion that it is, in fact, a log you are mad.

    'If you throw a baby into a fire knowing full well that it is a baby, you are normal.'

    Quite what is normal about someone who throws a baby into a fire is not the point.

    You knew what you were doing, so it's the off to pokey rather than up to the Big House.

    You can be very very bad indeed without being considered legally mad.
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  12. Her Ghurka ADC Captain would advise you not to nod your head to much.
  13. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    I remember back in 1982 Micheal fagan sat on the Queens bed and stole a bottle of wine, and he got 6 months in a Looney bin, so nutting her royalself would get you max 9mm in yer swede min a long stay in bedlam.
  14. You'd have to meet the definition of a mental illness under the act.