Random signals/bowman question

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ranger7703, Mar 20, 2012.

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  1. Right I have a bit of a problem with the new LMDT's and landrovers... If the question is out of line then let me know and I'll delete the post.

    The question I have is has anybody been able to initialise a full fit platform using a LMDT and not a laptop style terminal.

    I've been trying everything and can't get it to work and i thought that with the new uplift these problems were supposed to be ironed out.

    Any help would be wonderful... Cheers chaps
  2. Seems some things never change then, brings back memories of initialising a platform without a BNAU, bloody nightmare. 2.4 bn well spent!
  3. These vehicles do have a BNAU but are only fitted with the LMDT and not one of the big terminals.. I was trying all day to get it to work but I'm having no luck at all.. There's things that need to be done in the rear UCD but we have no documentation at all and the bow tag team didnt have a bloody clue lol
  4. Doesnt the BCIP 5.4 initialisation guide have a section on platforms with an LMDT?
  5. What is the LMDT connected to? If it is connected directly to the BNAU then initialisation should be no different to using a B/VUDT, if it's connected to a UCD then you will need to complete a number of pre-conditions as outlined in the Initialisation Guide (BNAU initialised, LMDT connected to Master UCD and configured for data terminal etc). The Initialisation Guides are available on the BUCK under the Publications Tab>BCIP5 Publications>Aide Memoires(AM) and User Guides.
  6. I didn't even think of looking at the buck (silly me).. Yea the LMDT is attached to the rear master UCD and I did the old CON 5 business to set it up for data terminals.. And I also initialised the BNAU before by plugging the LMDT straight into the Ethernet socket and initialising it as normal

    The problem I'm having now is when I move the LMDT back into the front and connect the power and Ethernet cables into it, go to the initialisation manager when I click on use local BNAU it doesn't pick it up... Is this the wrong way of doing it? It's some thing no one here has ever done and the sooner we get it working the more time we have to practice using them.. It's a huge shame they are just laying on the shelf
  7. If you've initialised the BNAU, you need to check that the LMDT connection in the front leads back to the Master UCD and that the Maint socket is set up for a Data Terminal and Asynchronous connection. Ensure the LMDT is set to Initial and that the IMFD file is on the EMD. In IM, Source Data browse to the file and select the appropiate platform, Initialise, (remove EMD, reboot etc. Reboot may take some time. Login. IG recommends using BRRC to check LMDT can communicate with radios but wait a few minutes (up to 10 - be patient!) before trying to allow connection to be established (problems can occur if radio is not on planned BNAU CNR port) - Good luck!!
  8. So effectively you initialise the BNAU (and the connected radios) then revert the LMDT to initial, connect in the front and reinitialise using the IMFD file NOT the local BNAU.
  9. Ahh cool you've kinda cleared things up for me there thanks.. So once it's back in the front just initialise the terminal using the IMFD files, don't go anywhere near "use local BNAU" Happy with that... I'll try first thing tomorrow and hopefully get it working.. I'll be the first in battalion to get them working on a platform.. Just like I was the first to try it with a radio... You can tell we are way behind the times
  10. Having a major drama getting nsn numbers for bowman kit.the buck is pretty much useless as u would expect.does anyone know the best way for getting nsn's for cables dust caps etc as I've exhausted all my options in my regiment.any help would be great