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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bryan, Nov 22, 2004.

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  1. Just a few questions I would like to get answered,

    As a TA officer, are you subjected to military law 24/7?

    Would I be correct in saying there is no maths/english test as part of officer selection?

    What should I expect during the first interview which is to weigh me up before going for officer selection?

    As a 2nd Lt in the Infantry, what is your role etc etc?

  2. In the order asked......

    Yes! 8O

    Not as such, but it is inherent in the rest of the selection process, i.e. if you can't count or spell you WILL fail. :?

    Expect the unexpected. I thought it was a wind-up, but I DID get the "which newspaper do you read" question. Always answer truthfully or you will be tripped-up further along the interview!! :roll:

    Dig holes....... Oops, sorry, you said officer...... Watch others dig holes for you to live in!! :D :D
  3. Yes, I think. Everyone always says so but no one has shown me proof. If it's true, this has fun implications. You and your mates get into a scrap outside a pub. They get a ticking off from the Filth - you can be court-martialled!

    Yes, you would. In fact, you are. However, there is an IQ test (no, really - stop laughing at the back!). Plus, during the assessment process they will be trying to ascertain whether you can think straight when under pressure.

    By the way, why do you need to ask that question? You write well enough, structure your thoughts clearly. Are you some sort of Steiner School type who never did sums - as they are "paternalistic abstractions of the vulgar bourgeoisie" - but was taught to make sculptures of Gaia the Earth Mother by your Modern Parents?

    The standard questions anyone asks whenever you apply to join any institution: Why the Army? What can you do for us? What do you hope to get out of it? Why not the regular Army?

    The initial interview may be nice and friendly. But there is (or was in my day) another interview during TCB which is another test of whether you can be pressured without blubbing. They don't stick a soaking wet pillowcase on your head or anything but they will test your ideas.

    Twicer is right that you should give truthful answers. In fact, your motto throughout the whole selection process ought to be "Be Yourself". They really do try to weed out the two-dimensional Lord Flashy types (not always successfully, but they do try).

    Mainly to do what you're told by your Platoon Sgt. A lot of fun, though.
  4. Have a look in TA Regs! Then don't drink and drive, etc, etc.
  6. The one I did involved squiggly lines and pictures and sheeyat. Called a Raven Progressive Matrices Test, I think you'll find.

    See http://www.schuhfried.co.at/eng/wts/spm.htm

    I am not described as an Evil Genius for nothing, you know.
  7. TA Regs, that creature of myth. Do they really exist? Who knows what they say?

    Actually, this is just a bizarre echo (as in that Dennis Quaid fillum Frequency) of a past conversation I had on arrse, one which led me to buy from the Stationery Office my very own copy of TA Regs.

    Didn't proceed to sit down and read the whole frikkin thing, however. Hence that minor gap in my megalomanically massive knowledge.
  8. They've stopped the Ravens test, its the Regular touch screen test now.
  9. Mental arithmetic was my principle weakness (closely followed by being fat, retiring and unconvincing in giving orders. All equal second). Practice time and distance problems (and variants thereof) of the type you get in the planning excercises.
  10. Thanks for the replys!

    I'm just awaiting for somebody to contact me now to arrange this interview. I made my local unit aware of my interest in becoming an officer last week(Tuesday). So I hope I get contacted this week.

    Anybody got any thoughts etc of joining the infantry as an officer? I've been told not to, then I'm told go for it.
  11. It really is horses for courses. Infantry is what we all train to do in the first instance. Your basic training plus pre-Sandhurst modules plus Sandhurst itself will all be focused around infantry drills and tactics.

    Some people find it exhilarating - a refreshing change from their civvy job. Some hate it - all that nasty running around and - oh! - did I just break a nail?

    Bear in mind that you will have different objectives from a career as a TA officer than you would have were you joining the regular Army. Do what you think would be the most fun - you are more likely to maintain your enthusiasm for it, which will make you a more productive and useful officer for those you are serving/leading.

    The best way to decide which route to take is actually to go along to various units and look at what it is they really do.
  12. The Infantry is fun, although more is expected of you at the factory (or was for me). Platoon Commanders Brecon is much fun, just don't go immediately after commissioning!
  13. volunteering your men for bone jobs and getting them lost in the field :)
  14. why not?
  15. Because Sandypants is the thin end of the learning wedge. Go off and get some experience before trying Pl Comds course.

    Remeber now you will have young JNCO's and not so young SNCO's watching you make a dick of yourself - it may come back and bite you some day.