Random question about the SERE course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Anon2012, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. Random question - I'm in the TA (RLC) and was wondering do some TA units get SERE trained, such as the infantry as an example? Or are only some units SERE trained when going on operations, such as Afghan - If at all?
    Or do none of the TA units (apart from the SAS for obvious reasons) get SERE trained, just the regulars?

    If some TA units get SERE trained, is it possible I could just ask to go on one course?
  2. SERE is a MATT isn't it?

    Are you sure you know what you're on about?

    Describe the course you want and what you expect to get out of it.
  3. I got the illusion it was a course, but I may stand corrected.

    You'd learn to live off the land (what plants are edible etc), learn to escape/resist the enemy, and part of the course would be instructors playing as enemy, giving you a rough time and you got to 'escape' from them.

    Does that help at all? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick on a SERE's course?

    SERE link: Survive, Evade, Resist, Extract - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I know it says basic core of the regular MATT's, but is there an actual 'course' not just the basics for the TA?
  4. The course is run from RAF St Mawgan, but there's absolutely no justification for a STAB loggie to get on one.
  5. If you're thinking of MATT 8 (Survive, Evade, Resist, Extract (SERE)), it consists of nothing more strenuous than watching a video featuring Andy McNab and Ray Mears. You could watch it outdoors if you're feeling really keen.
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  6. You billy big-timing ****. Fúck off.
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  7. SERE is an Americanisation word for a course we simply describe as a 'Survival Course'

    Students who are selected to attend UK variants of the 'Survival Course' are in the 'Prone to Capture' job description. I know that can be a very moot point since my days in HM Forces.

    RAF St.Mawgan is (was?) the home of the RAF candidates, though SF flying crew were encouraged to attend the Army course sponsored by 22 SAS. The Hereford course caters for all three services.

    The Navy ( in my BAOR time) had their school at HMS Daedalus (sp?) I think.
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  8. It's been a while but AIUI there was a progression of courses leading up to you becoming a qualified SERE Instructor for your sub unit.

    The starter for ten was the Basic Land Survival Course, which allowed you to progress onto the next one (I forget the name) ending with an Instructor Qual.

    The drawback is all these courses are a minimum of 5 days long and they don't run TA courses, so your odds of getting the necessary 3 weeks worth of courses in are slimmer than a slim thing.

    Ironically, this will probably be the slimmest thing seen in an RLC TA unit.

    Still, if you punch "SERE" into DII all the info comes up.
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    PM Door Bundle, it's one of his areas of expertise.
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  10. A STAB loggie prone to capture?
    I'd have thought you'd be more prone to bedwetting and acid reflux.
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  11. IIRC the last time I watched this it featured 3 RAF Regt types bimbling round a SENTA type area. Really useful for Afghanistan. More might have come but I lost the will to stay awake.
  12. Checks the thread, "Just-ta", which is strange because from the majority of the content, it would appear to be "just-abuse".

    This site has a NAAFI thread for a reason, just saying like.
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  13. SERE A - MATT 8 - Watch the video.

    SERE B - 1 week course, for isolated personnel.

    SERE C 2 week course, for personnel who can be a lot more isolated.

    You MAY be classed into B dependant on your job and the type of Operation.

    As for the RLC I know of quite a few who fall into the B & C group.

  14. In a nutshell "yes" thus proving a lot of people on here know the square route of **** all. As a loggie STAB I attended a SERE B course last year down in Cornwall.However the chances of getting on one are pretty slim unless you are in a specific role in the RLC.Really good course,instructors are top quality,there are numerous courses which can be done.
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  15. The people you need to speak to are Defence Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Extraction (SERE) Training Organisation (DSTO)

    The are based at St Mawgan and deliver Level B, Level C, Unit SERE Instructor and Environmental SERE courses.

    The DII site is a lot clearer with links to course requirements and dates.

    RAF St Mawgan - Defence SERE Training

    PM me for any details,
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