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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Photo man, Nov 19, 2011.

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  1. Playing with new picture enjoy

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  2. I've just started night shoots, here's a few from last weekend-

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  3. That is something I have always wondered how you do that
  4. DSCF0637.jpg
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  5. It's just a matter of playing round with the settings in manual mode, exposure etc. I managed to get on a discount course, £35 for a course costing £140. The company is called London Twilight Adventures.
  6. Thanks very much am meant to be having some lessons from a friend but she is always busy .
  7. It's a handy thing to learn, I'm going to give monochrome a try soon, get some moody snaps done.
  8. Just go out and try taking random pictures remember what you set things at and fiddle. It's all trial and error really. Thats the advantage of digital tells you if it's crap or not almost instant.
  9. Random Photo's from work.

    Trucker sleeping in

  10. Here's one I took the other day on SPTA.

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  11. And I took this one in Brecon.

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  12. You sure looks like Manchester China town during the riot's
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  13. Jeez Fally, they look good enough to win some sort of award.
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  14. Is that Zack L..... in the middle??
  15. Will she let you?
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