Random nude scenes in films

Any compilations avalible - just for artistic value - honest.
Any compilations avalible - just for artistic value - honest.
Nothing on YouTube?

What about the scence from Fletch Lives (I think) where he drives his van back to his place, to encounter a nude girlfriend?

Or some film which has a pleasing first scene, a (18/19? Year old) girl standing nude in front of a mirror - a bit of an art film I think.

Nothing sexual or suggestive, I am looking for examples of healthy, wholesome, female nudity.
A friend tells me that there are more, er, satisfying art type films on sites other than Youtube. If you get my drift.
Bill Oddie' Bird watching adventure it's got more tits than the Reeperbahn.
Can I once again express my disapproval at the lack of help in my search for artistic nudity?


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Doesn't have to be nude to be sexy

If only there was a carefully curated site for this sort of thing.

reddit.com: over 18?

And Lo! It was good.

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