Random nude scenes in films

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Yokel, Dec 31, 2010.

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  1. Any compilations avalible - just for artistic value - honest.
  2. Google celebrity archive.

    Then thank me
  3. purely as research britbabes on dailymotion
  4. Nothing on YouTube?

    What about the scence from Fletch Lives (I think) where he drives his van back to his place, to encounter a nude girlfriend?

    Or some film which has a pleasing first scene, a (18/19? Year old) girl standing nude in front of a mirror - a bit of an art film I think.

    Nothing sexual or suggestive, I am looking for examples of healthy, wholesome, female nudity.
  5. A friend tells me that there are more, er, satisfying art type films on sites other than Youtube. If you get my drift.
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  6. Jenny Agutter in Walkabout, she seems to randomly get her kit off a lot
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  7. Nudity and eroticism aren't the same thing, though they are bedmates.
  8. I was about to mention that, and coincidentally the scene from Logan's run where Jenny Agutter runs through an orgy.
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  9. Without stopping?
  10. It's not 'random.'

    It's maintaining the integrity of the plot, is purely artistic and not at all séxual.

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  11. Have you ever tried a girlfriend? You know, a real person?
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  12. Andreas_Wank

    Andreas_Wank On ROPs

    Just for J

  13. I was asking for a friend.
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  14. Bill Oddie' Bird watching adventure it's got more tits than the Reeperbahn.