Random noises from my laptop

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by wompingwillow, May 12, 2009.

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  1. Morning

    since I fired up my laptop this morning it has been making random clicking noises, the kind of noise you get when you double click on something, I've tried disabling this alert but I'm still getting the noise, the only way I can stop it is by muting all the sound.

    I don't know if its related but when I close internet radio it takes a good 30 seconds before the sound will stop even if the window has gone.


    Edit: I've tried cleaning the keyboard and checking for sticky keys
  2. Hi Womp; Is there a button on the keyboard pressed down? If it is one of the Function buttons, it may only do something when that programme is started.
  3. First thing, is the onboard mic active, this will cause any noise you make on the keyboard to be transmitted. The sound still transmitting after you have closed an application, possibly a memory problem, where the memory is lagging behind, no answer there.

    Check your onboard mic, switch off if necessary and then do a cleandisc and see what happens :) .

  4. WW,

    Your internet radio is buffered (stored) so that what you hear is not in real time - there's a lag. Any bytes delayed by the web (which is perfectly normal because byte A might take a completely different route to byte B) should arrive in time for them to be played at the right time (and in the right order (cue the Eric Morecombe and Andre Previn joke...)). When you close the window, the buffer keeps playing until all the notes have been used up (it's called "flushing the buffer").

    As for your main problem, have you installed something new or tweaked something? If you have, you could try a System Restore to get you back to when it was working.

  5. Cheers for the advice guys, I'm getting slightly concerned now as I'm listening to a BBC radio station and getting random adverts for American stuff, I'm wondering if I have something wrong with my pop up blocker, and the clicking is the adverts trying to open( ?) and the sound is the buffering bit described above? Could just do without a trip to PC world and them taking my laptop away for diagnosis when I'm less than a week away from my first exam!
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Have you got a back up of your data, which you have successfully restored from?

    Is your antivirus up to date and have you tried http://www.malwarebytes.org

    In all honesty, with exams a week away, I would recommend either borrowing a laptop off a friend or just going to buy a new one. There is no point fannying around with a dicky laptop right now.

  7. If I understand what is happening, you have a radio station playing and a popup is trying to come in at the same time. I think the popup is robbing you of bandwith and the clicking is either your radio station or the advert vying for space. I have found that some sites have popups within them and have not been a problem and I have just closed them, the ones you have comming up may be memory hungry. Go into the popup blocker options and see if you can get it to target that site.

    If your computer is needed for exams soon and is working ok except for this problem I would leave everything as is and not use the site. Best be safe than sorry!! :D

  8. I agree. Buy a large USB memory stick and download all your data to it before you do anything else. Then, if everything goes wrong, you have your files!