Random Manc Rapper - "Citizens rights" - "HELLO"!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Crouch_and_Hold, Jun 23, 2010.

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  1. what a cock!!
  2. bell end springs to mind
  3. Instead of the operator saying "Hello. Hello" ad nausem

    She should have a rap back at him.

    Here is my suggestion. (To the tune of your favourite crappy rap tune)

    Hey Man you do have rights!
    You got rights to wear mums tights.
    You’re a free man now my dude,
    So get off this phone and don’t be rude.

    Stay on the line for one more minute
    Initt. Initt. Initt. Initt.
    Hey Man you do have rights!
    And right now you’re in our sights.

    It’s a sum. A cool equation,
    Man it’s called triangulation.
    Hear that siren down the street?
    That’s the Man. He got you beat.

    You’ve tied up these lines
    For far too long.
    Our arm is long.
    Our arm is strong.

    Hey Man, you are a proper clown,
    The game is up, you be ‘goin down.
    Cell door slamming on lonely nights.
    Yeah Man. That’s your fucking rights.