Random Drug Testing

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by General_Layabout, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. Appologies if this should be in a different forum but need some info.

    Having been discharged about the same time as Monty i'm well out touch with things modern but i have few serious questions.

    1. I am correct that RDT is now in force?

    2. Is failing a test an automatic discharge?

    3. If a unit was to recieve an anonimous tip that soldier A was taking drugs would he then get pulled in for testing?

    It's just something i overheard in the local the other day.

    I may have heard 2+2 and made 5, but if i'm right i would like to try to do something positive.
  2. Report them immediately - if positive then they will be discharged. There are very few second chances.
  3. Yes, to ALL questions.

    If you tip off the unit, or RMP or even CDT direct they will do the rest.

    If the guy is just larging it (stupidly) in the pub, he will be ok. If positive he'll be dealt with. Far better than to allow him to continue possibly putting his mates at risk on the ranges and in barracks and leaving himself open to blackmail for small arms (for example).
  4. No one likes a dirty grass....especially creepy old ones that earwig in pubs whilst strapping young soldiers chat....Id rather deploy with someone who has had a cheeky line at the weekend than someone who has habitually pickled their insides day in day out for a decade
  5. Then I put it to you that you're a bell end of the highest order. I would not be happy if I knew my oppo was out every night tripping of his tits.

  6. Careful now- realism like that will not be popular on here.

    see above- didn't even read your post right!
  7. I once knew a girl who told me she went out with a squaddie in the early 1990s . I think this was before CDT and she told me he was busted for testing positive for cannabis and he'd be be randomly checked

    I'm just sort of curious as to why he would have got a second chance ?
  8. Its worth noting that it is not called Random Drug Testing but Compulsory Drug Testing. When the CDT team does a ‘random’ test of a unit the selection process is akin to the Afghan electoral system.
  9. G_L - Crack on. (see what I did there?)

    J_R_111 - F off
  10. Being in the Army and using or carrying drugs are not compatible.

    Get caught - get discharged. End of.

    Even if CIVPOL arrest you and you try to keep it quiet, once convicted your details will be passed by the Home Office to RMPCRO for checking. They will cross reference your DOB and Name with the Nominal Roll of the Army. If there is a match your CO will be informed.

    Once it's done it's too late - no excuses accepted.
  11. Do you borrow your vocabulary from UK Gold re-runs of Rumpole of the Bailey ?

    No one goes 'out every night tripping off their t*ts', I found that a measured amount of cocaine on a Friday night interspersed with bottled lager and water in equal measures sufficed as long as the rest of the weekend was spent 'chillaxin' with a few jellies and a couple of Zopiclones along with a few tasty joints and plenty of scran and good old H20 inside me..

    Come Monday morning I was as bright as a button, unlike the coughing, spewing yellow tinged alchofrolic's that clawed their way through the working week as a comedically visual embarrassment to themselves and their capbadge.. :D
  12. *Snigger*
  13. JR 111, Happy 10th day Anniversary on ARRSE. Looking at some of your other posts you will go far.

    Are you Wedges’ love child?

  14. Other people turning up for work hungover (which I accept is wrong, even though I do it myself occasionally) is no excuse for recreational use of illegal drugs.

    The effects of alcohol are well known and its supply well regulated and controlled. Illegal drugs bought from a guy who knows a guy who f**ked a guy who did time with a guy etc bring in a whole spectrum of dangerous possibilities as well as the known dangers of the drug in question.
    There is no such thing as a "cheeky line" and there is no telling that you will be able to stop at just one. Cocaine is a class A drug for a very good reason, no matter what you tell yourself.

  15. 1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Yes