Random CMT weapon question

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by VarSity, Jun 13, 2008.

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  1. Ok random question I know, but when a CMT is assigned to a unit (Infantry or otherwise) what is he/she armed with? (Other than bad language :twisted: )

    I have seen some of those cut down SA80 (L22 Carbine?), are these things issued or do CMT's have the standard SA80?

    Just seems useful to my uneducated mind for medics to have something a bit lighter and more compact when in the field.
  2. a wet fish is often considered dangerous enough for most CMTs
  3. Doesn’t the smell offend them?
  4. The fish are already dead, so have no sense of smell anyway.
  5. LOL that was rather impressive.

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  6. Standard SA80 complete with SUSAT nowadays.
  7. Depends on the job, ie proportional to the perceived threat but usually nothing larger than side or small-arms since a CMT is provided with a weapon for his/her personal defence and that of their casualty and/or medical establishment. There's a bit more to it, but that's it in a nutshell. has to do with status under RoE.

    Boring answer, I know, but I couldn't come up with anything near as funny as Legs'...LMAO!
  8. Thought they would be.

    Still a smaller rifle seem more useful to me.
  9. Why? Just man up and carry the bloody thing.

    The K-stubby is for donkey-whollopers and not just given to people with weak, tiny arms.
  10. 5 GS trialled the carbine IIRC don't know whether a paper was written on the results but it certainly came up trumps for a few reasons. Firstly you don't stab your patient in the head with your muzzle when you pick up a stretcher with a rifle slung on your back. It's considerably easier to bring to bear from inside the cab of a amby or rover. It's good for the girls, some of the smaller girls shot better on grouping and zeroing as the more compact weapon was easier for them to support with their stubby little arms! from personal experience it would probably be better for armd tp too.

    Bobath wrote:

    Why? Just man up and carry the bloody thing.

    The K-stubby is for donkey-whollopers and not just given to people with weak, tiny arms.

    Do you want the SLR back too? It's not about manning up it's about best tool for the job, for a medic it would seem that the carbine fits better than a standard riffle, not just practically but also with our ROE.
  11. Bring back the SMG, that was a real mans weapon, couldnt trust a woman with it though, drop it with a loaded magazine whilst trying to apply some lippy and you'd kill everyone in the toilet/amby/clothes shop/pie shop/etc..
  12. Evilgoblin, it was made for tankies and the like, not medics. If the argument is that the stubby is easyer to use in a BFA or Rover why way I driving around Iraq in a snatch with an LSW?

    No i don't want the SLR, but the SA80 is a tool we have and its fine for the job. A medics group size or ability to shoot isn't the be all and end all. If the medics are putting rounds down then something has gone horribly, horribly wrong. As for girls with little arms, one of the woman in my unit is a much better pistol shot than a rifle shot, so mabey its Browning HPs all round.

    I have never smacked someone in the head with the rifle during a stretcher lift or any other form of casivac for that matter. It has a perfectly good sling, designed to be pulled tight around the body when th eweapon is not in use. If your knocking your patients out you could try doing that.
  13. Sorry to ask but have you been on recent Ops?

    To start there are less and less LSWs (not seen any yet) being used in both theatres as the MINIMI is used now. The Browning has now made way for the Sig Sauer 226 - Yes there are still people using the Browning but not many and the Carbine (Stubby) is being used in theatre but what is the use of giving a patrols medic the carbine when they will be shooting across open fields in Afghanistan? You should also understand that Medics are expected to win the fire fight (if in the area) like every other member of the section before treatment is given (tactical awareness/care under fire) - obviously they are not going to take the role of assualting fire team but it is better to have a heavy concentration of fire (supress the enemy) than a medic sat picking their nose while everyone else is in the fight.

    The carbine is being used by many different people from dog handlers, Medics on Helis (MERT) and big wig officers who usually have RMP CP who use the M16 Carbine. SF do not use the Carbine (Stubby).

    The stubby has a huge flash and a bit more of a kick to it and more dangerous due to its shortened barrel (waving it about).
  14. According to Soldier mag, the Stubby K was desiged for the RAC, but several other Corps looked in to it. These were, IIRC, the RE, RLC and RAMC. I am under the impresion that the weapon is more than capable of meeting the requirements of these Corps AND are short enough to allow better use in vehicles, etc. Whether other Corps apart from the RAC will take them on is another matter.

    They are practically identical in all ways to their bigger brothers, the Rifle and the LSW, so a soldier should be able to swap between the 3 with ease (over a period of time, not as in "today i´ll take hat one").

    In this case a CMT in a veh could carry a K (ie Ambulane/MERT), in the event of them being employed in a less than vehcular sense, he could be armed with a long.

    Regards the barrel length, I can´t see how it makes the weapon more dangerous, it isn´t the same as a pistol, the weapon will still be fired from the shoulder.

    The original design for SA 80 included a carbine version, as does the Steyr AUG family (a 9mm SMG version). But for some reason the Carbine was not taken on to service until the A2.

    The only picture of an A1 style carbine I can find is this one, although I am dbious about it, given the position of the mag. Bordering on the belief it is complete gash. Why change thet bullpup design to get a short barrel with such a large weapon?
    from http://www.militaryimages.net/forums/showthread.php?t=105&page=2

    I´d imagine you´d get arm cramp holding the pistol grip so close to the shoulder!!!! Any onet ell if it is some sort of photo shop job?

    Alledgedly a member of the RM FPG, with a L22 A1. The jacket he is wearing is the new crewman jacket, designed to compleent the carbine.
    From http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?t=76881&page=5
  15. This looks more like the A1 version:

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