Random but humourous text conversation

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Grey_Mafia65, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. Received a text message from an unknown number tonight, have absolutely no clue who it is but I like their sense of humour!

    Certainly beats the PPI/accident claim texts I normally get! Will post more as it continues or until the phantom texter reveals him/herself (I'm leaning towards "him" and probably one of you lot!)
  2. i didn't keep it, but I had a three week long text exchange last year with someone I thought I knew, but turned out to be a complete stranger .
    The responses and following questions were close enough to what I expected them to be and the whole thing wandered along at a handful of texts a day until the other person (who i genuinely believed to be an old mate) rang and turned out to be a woman. Most odd conversation followed and we had a laugh about it.
    I then texted her a picture of my cock, and she has yet to respond.
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  3. ^. Did you use the zoom lense?
  4. Why would you talk dirty with some geezer you don't know? He could be a loon in Broadmoor!

    Stick to us perverts on ARSSE, you know it makes sense.
  5. Wise words. Like a girl I used to know who I found on Facebook, I could see all her photos without even adding her as a friend, she should get that sorted, any pervert could be wanking over her photos not just a nice bloke like me.
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  6. ^. Well? Make with the pictures.
  7. 23271_131529813526184_778_n.jpg
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  8. I assumed that he/she would eventually make themselves known. I don't hand out my phone number freely, and thought that this was probably someone I did know who had changed their number. As it was, I sent one more reply to the above:
    posted the screen shots up here, and heard no more. I'm now left with the sneaky suspicion the texter is an ARRSEr!

    And if you think that's talking dirty, you want to get out more! ;-)
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  9. Well, its obviously The Iron Duke still trying to find a solution to his pig arse problem.
  10. You're the second person who's suggested it's TiD!!

  11. No, the message looks too sane.
  12. This mystery has been solved, only to be replaced by another one!

    I received a PM from a friend who said he too had had a series of text messages from an unknown number:

    I'd love to know what I've done that needs apologising for, at least give me a chance to revel in it!
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  13. ^ Weren't they apologising to you?
  14. Read it again, dear :)