Random bouts of immaturity.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Little_Lion_Man, Dec 17, 2010.

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  1. I just walked past Beccles police station and wah'd all the journos outside it. What's your most recent immature moment?
  2. to many to mention
  3. Swaping a Sgts rank slide for a WO1 last week was fun. Sorry Taff! (I'm not really - I'm sure you'll get me back some time.)
  4. After five minutes of explaining to a colleague why I couldn't help them today he turned round and asked what I suggested. I blew a rather loud and long raspberry down the phone and hung up.
  5. I made a 'whooo oooo ooo oo' type scary noise at Derek Acorah outside John Lennon Airport at 8 in the morning, the cunt looked straight through me but went bright red when my pal called him a 'fooking queer' for wheeling a garish purple case behind him.

    Early morning airport boozing is for winners.
  6. Thinking that I can keep up with other work colleagues whilst sampling the delights of the 'goldfish bowl' at the work's do last night.

    Actually random bouts of immaturity keep me sane. Usually they are fun-inspired incidents that put the smile back on my face.
  7. "Bus wanker"ing around 30 students in Salisbury.
    Driving through a deep puddle to soak a bunch of chav gobshites.
    Spitting on my neighbours car door handle regularly!
  8. Smeared a load of vaseline under me mates windscreen wipers only to find out he's got a new motor - ooopps!
  9. Boozing the night before a run in the hopes that the subsequent hangover will be so painful I will be motivated to run faster just to get a chance to sit down therefore improving my previous time.
    Not recommended.
  10. I always loved waiting until the doors on the tube were about to close and then let the nastiest arse-ripping fart out ever and legging it off the tube as the doors shut. Leaving it like a tube of dying smarties :)
  11. my boss was offering me a lift home after a late shift, got all the way to the car park and he'd forgotten some paperwork, he waddled back up to get it so i pissed up the drivers side door making sure i gave the handle a healthy wash and then standing there with him tut-tuting over what sort of social degenrate would do something like that and how it might be a good idea to park closer to the building

    best bit was he tried to open it before noticing his hand was wet
  12. Smearing curry around the underside of the plate when at a curry house. Then laugh as they get it all over their hands and shirt when they collect said plates.
  13. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    then the waiters laugh as they irrevocably mark your card for life, and discuss exactly how many of them are going to crack one off into your rogan josh.

    been back to that particular curryhouse lately?
  14. Every thirty seconds or so. Why grow up when it's so boring?
  15. Not me but...someone in my CoC..............Going into a 48 hour sulk after being to told to leave The Mess for copping a right strop during officers to Sgts'.

    Oh and me thinking I can still play left back for 90 mins against the juniors, mind you, we did win!