Random bits of kit for sale

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by rogue_trader, Dec 11, 2010.

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    RLC Stable belt, OR
    2x Rifles staple belt, maximum 32" waist
    4x rifles berets, nicley shaved and de-lined
    1x officers rifles beret

    1x desert camelbak
    1x Civvy camelpak, 2 litre

    officers RE full set no1 dress pipped LT in small skinny ginger bastard size

    scrim nets

    a few norgies

    RLC sgt mess dress over jacket- 1 piece

    SIZE 10 Materhorn boots, some kind of red gortexy lining, just a bit too small for me

    for those that are curious as to why I have various bits and bobs, I work for charity and these are the strange and wonderful items that come in clothing donations.

    PM me with your offers. thanks.
  2. I'd be interested in the RLC No1 Dress for my Cadet Drummers (assuming it's OR pattern?). What's your price?
  3. what size are the camelbaks?
  4. See your PM, I just sold it today, sorry!

    3 litre, it is the uk issue desert DPM camelbak.
  5. what size is the scrim ? price ?, my para cravat needs replacing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  6. scrim is about 1m2

    they are ony a fiver new so is £3.50 including postage fair?
  7. Really? I think I'll stick with the more plausible explanation that you're a thieving ****.
  8. Thanks for blowing my cover!
  9. You're lucky that's all he's blowin ;-)
  10. how much for the matterhorn boots what sort of condition are they in
  11. are the stable belts the newer ones with the curved leather like buckle or the square metal type buckles?
  12. old school style ones- like this

  13. Ahh who was the other one flogging stuff. Seems similar to me.
  14. I heard they are the RGJ ones? Are the buckles black or unpainted as on the attached image? Is any of the stitching broken? And finally how much are you charging?
  15. As pictured the buckles are unpainted. you could if you are ****, score a goth chick and use her nail varnish to do the buckles. stiching is fine, the leather straps are aging a bit but otherwise ok. £5 for a belt. I also have some other kit as per the list and a few other bits and bobs. PM me to finish the transaction.