Random bits of civvie junk can be usefull...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Parky_boy, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. Tuppawear box from Wilkinson's...3 pounds
    Various bits of coloured ribbon from a textiles store...6 pounds
    4 permanent lumi pens from partners...4 pounds
    A giant telescopic pointer...9 pounds
    Florescent label stickers...2 pounds
    Elastic bands...1 pound
    various sized plastic plant pot labels from garden centre...7 pounds

    The vacant look on shopkeepers faces when buying these random things together
  2. Not as good as buying 24 tubes of KY jelly, 2 dozen condoms, a pair of nail scissors and a mirror. Apart from the look on the assistant's face, more fun was to be had presenting the itemised expenses claim to accounts. Especially being in the construction industry. :)

    No, I'm sorry. It would take too long to explain.
  3. Thought the Magistrates warned you off that habit Putts'
  4. I had 'the talk' from my mother, who works in Boots, when I went in and baught a tub of alcahol makeup remover wipes. She had no idea what I was talking about when I said it was for wiping ink off of tams.
  5. my mrs once sent me out for jonnys and while i as out at the 24 hour garage i though i'll get some porn for after shes f$%ked off,
    and it really didn't twig what i was doing untill after i had paid and the old bloke behind the counter said "have a good evening" then i looked at what i had bought and realised what a perv i looked.
  6. Ha, at least you bought them for their original purpose.

    What else is out there on the high street that is useful in the field...hardware stores are a god send, but camping stores I find just have expensive, bright coloured versions of what we are already given.
  7. Freezer bags for waterproffing.
  8. Fray Bentos steak and kidney pudding tins. Remove the lid, tip the contents into your mess tin (break up and stir), and perforate the top edges of the tin with one of the old church key can spanners, curving the pierced edges beyond the lip of the tin. Pour a healthy amount of meths into the tin, ignite and put the mess tin on top. Semi-instant home-made Trangia - and much faster than the original.
  9. went to the arel ..petrol station today and received 2 x free dayglow vests,,free,,,im going again tomorrow,,,,
  10. Wetwipes for things like wiping off cam, cleaning mess tins and wiping orders out of tams, bits of ribbon and some of those small houses from a monopoly set to put in a model kit
  11. Aloe vera wet wipes from sainsburys. Come in a plastic resealable box.

    Don't bother with soap and water on a weekend ex. Just wipe your sweaty and smelly bits with one of these and you stay comfortable. You can use them as toilet paper too. Much nicer than issued Army Form Blank.

    Much smaller and lighter than a washkit

    I also use a dab of acohol gel (Greenheat) to clea my map case/tams etc. Removes permanent lumopens (or the cheap tesco DVD markers I prefer 69p for 4+1 free at the mo!)
  12. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I'm a sucker for those 'everything's £1' type crap emporiums - I think theres something like three different ones in the shopping centre near me.
    However - led maglite copy - a quid. a twin pack of those led keyring lights (red and white) - a quid. (as you would guess by the name of the shop).
    worth having a trawl though if you have one near one.
  13. A pair of tights for warmth on EX is good, but dont let the lads see the stockings, suspenders, basque and long velvet gloves.
  14. The same goes for cheep multi-tools from hardware stalls at the local market. Just copies of leathermans and victorinox but you wont be afraid to scratch the hell out of it on a warrior's back door or lend it to the scab in your platoon who never returns your kit!

    Another good source of usfull (and very very cheep) kit is from toys. I have a Picatinny rail for a torch mounting for my '80 i nicked from an old BB gun i had. Works just fine.
  15. How about a set of binos for trying to see the houses/hotels on a model!