Random Bit of kit - Any sujestions?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by four_one_f, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Hi all...

    Saw some bits of kit over the years and never seen em since. Do they actually exist of was i drunk?

    First one is a item like a dome tent, used to line observations posts, had a small apature for "observing" and a zipped door at the back.

    Next is a "pathfinder webbing cum vest combo - longer than assault vest but has webbing around the waist.

    (If anyone has a set of this "PF" webbing / vest i'd hand over sevre amounts for one.)

    Lastly is a yoke or vest thing that "Chris Ryan" worn in his awesome, fantastic program, hunting chris ryan? He worn it on his belt kit.

    Any got either pics of actual items - it'd be great to hear from you.

  2. sorry no info on the kit,
    but if anyone knows of this kit please post pics of kit
  3. Not sure about the pathfinder bit but I have a set of webbing/chest rig from Arktis called an 'NL' rig which is kind of a half and half as its webbing (of sorts) but can be worn low around the waist or high around the chest. Not a bad bit of kit really.
  4. Yeah i have seen that called an advanced Chest Rig also, is it worth getting one over a normal chest rig?
  5. It really depends on what you would use it for. I love the norm' PLCE webbing as its what i have been taught to use. The Arktis stuff however will hold shite loads more kit. I am not sure if thats a good thing or not as (if your like me) you can overload it with useless crap that should really go in your burgan/jetpacks like ponchos etc and before you know it, its too heavy to do anything. It can also be a little bulky, especialy if you wear it 'high' across your chest.
    I suppose it's down to preference. Like I said I am used to using the PLCE but once I gave it a few goes, I got used to the layout of this rig and having to use clips for the pouches as oppsed to the usual PLCE plug lock thingies.
    The Arktis rig also has nothing on the back so its more of a battle vest i.e for driving or FIBUA, but if you wear it 'low' you can also fix on the Arktis rear set of three pouches which mean you could go out without a daysack the ammount of carrying capabuility you have...not that you would ever want to.
    Personaly, I like it but its down to personal preference as it takes a lot of getting used to.
  6. Forgot to mention, the Arktis Advanced Chest Rig is the NL rig but with different shoulder straps so it can only be worn in the 'high' position. The NL rig comes with the normal webbing yoke.
    It is also has a bit of a price to it but its worth it. (just look on eBay for it and stick SAS in your search)
  7. Nice one thanks very much for that.
  8. Chris Ryan's COP vest:

  9. cum vest?
  10. what a f--king motley crue he's got there!!

    i hope they got a good deal from the airsoft shop.
  11. Apparently they'll all ex-SF of some form or another. Looking at the beard, the bush hat and the bloke on the right who doesn't know where his pistol grip is, I'm sceptical.
  12. Sceptical indeed. It looks like a game of "Spot the real soldier"
  13. Bearded bloke is a yank.

    One of the others is ex-PF.
  14. My guess is the bloke on the left trying to distance himself from the spam-looking chap in the dodgy hat. He's the only one apart from Mr Ryan not in a webtex vest.