Random Bag

Picked up on a lot of bad joojoo today in the corridors of the Millenium Falcon.  Could it be that the poor boys in green are being subjected to the Random Bag?

Double crossing and PsyOps a-plenty as Rupert bluffs Tarquin that he isn't going for COS 20 Armd Bde whilst Tarquin counters with his denial of any interest in MA to ACDS.

This one is set to run and run.... ;D
What was even better was the number of people poring over the job specs in the library following their initial job selection interview.  Lots of "You need to scale it down a bit.  Have you considered a regional brigade..."  However, this seemed to have been interpreted as "Yeah, he told me I needed to widen my selection a little bit more"  Can't wait until April... ;)
Very true OPFOR,

I also liked the other variation:

Boss Man says:  "You need to lower your sights a little (actually a lot, but I haven't the heart to burst your balloon)"

Tarquin tells mates: "He thinks my skill set would be wasted in a policy job at the Death Star and I would do much better in G3 Trg at Land."

Let the good times roll.... 8)
Now that the dreaded PPP forms are safely in Glasgow, a new Glasnost has appeared and people are being honest about how they fared under the Director's microscope.  Rupert is no longer the V Well 'wunderkind' we all had him down for and frankly Tarquin is just Satisfactory.

I wonder if grade creep will rear its ugly head again as April 9 looms closer?

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