ran through the minefield to call for air support

Brigadier Butler also said that 12 British soldiers had been caught in a minefield in northern Helmand. One was killed and five seriously injured. The soldier who died had run through the minefield to call for air support “in an act of exceptional bravery”. He was named by the MoD as Corporal Mark Wright, 27, from Edinburgh, serving with the 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment.

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Sven said:
My hat goes of to the Young man, as my heart goes out to his family
Wot he said.


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Agreed VC or a CG at least. Does he have to have been succesful in calling in air support to be considered for such?

RIP of course
It should be the bravery behind the act that is recognised irrespective of the success or not. (It is certainly recognised by his peers.

The courage of the lads in the front line is in sharp contrast to the craven behaviour of our political masters thats for sure.

Echoed W_P...

It matters not if he was sucessful, all that matters is he selflessly acted to save his comrades and paid the ultimate price.

My respect and admiration to a very brave man, Rest in peace soldier.
Light winds and soft landings to you Airborne Brother. May you Rest In Peace or Re-Group in Hell. Whichever option has the most of our Regiment waiting.

Utrinque Paratus.


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I also agree, W-P, just not sure of the criteria.

There is no greater good than giving your life for your fellow man
RIP mate - an unbelieveable display of courage, determination and sheer bottle looking out for your Airborne brothers.

To the cnuts from the press currently camped outside his front door, hounding his Mrs and his neighbours for an interview - FCK OFF!! If you want to help, start reporting on whats really happening over there.
If you pile on enough pressure, maybe this messed up Government will stand up and take notice.

Nuff said.
The ultimate unselfish act - truly worthy of decoration and acclaim of the highest order.

May he rest in peace


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