RAN - Sea Eagles - 1980 Fleet Air Arm Recruiting

Came across this yesterday.


Brings back a few memories. It includes Grumman Tracker ASW Aircraft from 816 Sqn, I was posted to the sister / training unit, 851 Sqn. Aircraft and aircrew swapped between units. It just so happens that I have worked on all of the Trackers in the film clip. Just as I was getting ready to post to 816, the carrier HMAS Melbourne was decommisioned and soon after 816 closed. I left the RAN just before 851 itself was closed.

A few fleeting scenic shots around Jervis Bay on the NSW South Coast, particulary on the Beecroft Gunnery Range, where the rocket firing and subsequent "Radio Shack" destruction was staged.

Trackers were one of the first A/C I was trained on, they were landbased though as Trudeau (the bastard) had scrapped the Bonnie without replacement.


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