RAN officer robbed of laptop by ladyboy

Discussion in 'Australia' started by sierradelta, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. A RAN officer staying in a Thai Hotel was robbed of his defence laptop after returning to his room with a ladyboy its reported in The Australian newspaper. Lt Commander Peter de Maskens AM was in Bangkok on official business when the incident occured. After blacking out and awaking at 7am he discovered the laptop and personal posessions had been stolen.

    Perhaps someone could do the link(Im hopless at that sought of thing) :?
  2. It's here (clicky). It's the old 'he thought his guest was a woman' line. Difficult to see why he now thinks it was a ladyboy if, as he says, he collapsed after getting to his room and didn't wake until he/she had gone. Ah well... :roll:
  3. Perhaps in addition to a bad headache and no laptop he had a bleeding arse......
  4. Oooh! Matron.... really... what a naughty Boy!.... doing what Matelots do for a 'Run Ashore'.... A bit of Tucker, some Grog.... lots of Grog.... and a feel up a nice 'Lady(boy) skirt for a bit of "hows 'er father"

    Did he remove his 'Tompion' before he got the old '6 Incher' out for some 'Gun Action'?..... Did he 'Clear the Decks' of cordage to check before 'kosher' breach-loading began......? Or did the old 'Hawser Pipe' suffer from a vague 'Itching' after 'All Clear' was sounded... did he hear the 'All Clear'......

    Well.... thats one illustrious RAN career down the old pipes..... He will be counting paperclips in RAN Station Alice Springs (home of HMAS Arunta)..... hehehehehehehehe!!

    Oh well..... lessons learned.... no Ladyboys on board.... :p :p :? :)
  5. Maybe the ladyboy has just borrowed the laptop so he can bid on HE-Bay