Ran Fiennes - Needless Walt ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PrinceMyshkin, May 2, 2011.

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  1. Morning All,

    Was involved in a recent discussion re the Feathermen and the soon to be movie of the book. The book is discussed elsewhere on this forum but the conversation turned towards Fiennes in general.

    His physical achievements are incredible and his mental and physical robustness aren't open to question. Likewise his scruples when it comes to earning a bob or two. The thing that I'm wondering about is whether or not he has Walted about his involvement with the SAS and whether or not he was ever actually badged.

    There are those who may say fair play if its to earn a few quid, I'd disagree but then I haven't the opportunity to turn down but when you blag/steal valour in order to lend credibility to invented claims about the death of someone who had actually earned the badge then for me that then becomes Walting of the highest order.

    It seems to be commonly accepted that Fiennes was badged but then RTU'd after the Castle Combe explosives incident but there are so many question marks and contradictions, mostly statements and publications from the man himself, about his supposed brief tenure that I wonder whether he was actually badged at all.

    As best as I can figure out he did selection in February and the Castle Combe incident occured in June, just before its said he was due to go on exercise in Borneo.

    I accept that the make up of selection has undoubtedly changed since the time in question but I wonder if the members of this forum can shed any light or opinion on the things that don't add up for me.

    On the following British Legion page ('I loved being in the SAS': Sir Ranulph Fiennes - Legion, the Royal British Legion magazine) he states the following;

    - He blagged the final tab of test week saying he paid a farmer to drive him and a fellow wnaker to each RV. They would sit off watching with bino's until they saw the guy the were using as a marker then they would follow him in each time.

    Sounds like a great story but also sounds complete b0llocks to me.

    He reckons that in between passing the hills in February and being binned in June he completed the jungle, continuation and was put on a two month dems course on which he stole explosives (and presumably dets).

    Leaving aside the fact of whether or not he could have stole these munitions if he did test week in February and then six weeks in the jungle then he wouldn't have the time for the two months dems course regardless of whether or not it would be deemed suitable to send a fresh out of selection officer on a such a course.

    When asked by the Independant - "What did it involve, being in the SAS?"(My First Job: Explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes was an SAS officer - Getting a Job, Career Planning - The Independent)

    "I can only tell you about the training," he replies diplomatically. So he was involved in actual military operations too? "I can only tell you about the training," he repeats. What he is allowed to tell us is frightening enough: "Jungle training, advance explosives training, high-frequency communication, vehicle maintenance and a lot of medical training. "

    What all that, including an entire selection cadre and a two month dems course in between Feb & June ? I know that "They" are a breed apart but come on?

    Is it common knowledge he's a Walt or is he just a bit of a bullsh!tter who has embellished the truth for financial gain ?
  2. Yes.

    He didn't need to abseil onto balconies either - he climbed onto them.
  3. to be honest does anyone care, I don't mean to seem rude but if the blokes made a few quid out of it without harming anyone else then who gives a flying

    oh shit its the naffi, string him up by his fingernails, wait erm
  4. I'd still pick him over that cunt beard grills for a pint in my local
  5. To the outrage bus....this man must be outed as the work shy charlatan he is. Oh hang on...
  6. Have you read his autobiography?
  7. Given what he has achieved I'd largely agree however using said Walting to further credibility and earn money off the back of the utter fantasy of the Feathermen and its version of the death of Mike Kealy is, I think at least, more than a little out of order.

    (For the record the blokes wife and kids are still very much around, Kealy's that is.).
  8. I have. About 15 years ago though. Excellent book.
  9. Started it but didn't finish it, thought it a bit hard work.
    Read a couple of his novels (including the Feathermen) which I thought were pretty good. His book "Captain Scott" is absolutely outstanding.

    When someone achieves what he has, both as an adventurer and an author why bother Walting ?

    Maybe it was one he let out of the bag before his fame really hit and then it was too late to retract or maybe there is reasonable explanation for it, butif there's is I'd like to know it for as presented it doesn't particularly add up to me.
  10. You should have finished it, though I dont recall timescales being quoted on his training, nothing in the book came out as unbelievable, hes quite a remarkable bloke.
  11. I did read as far as the parts covering selection and whilst I found the narrative OK I didn't find it too convincing. I thought it sounded like someone telling a military story to a civvie which, given his audience, is what I wrote it off as but then when I read more things from him and gained a little more military experience thats when I felt some of the things didn't add up.