Ramsay's TA Nightmares

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by polar, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. Ok today's kitchen is the Royal Corps of Signals... (main rule is the kitchen can't be shut).

    Suffering from lack of IR's going to theatre, but sending numbers on holidays (oops tours in Cyprus). Failing to cook meals to the level required by the main chain (i.e. get them to a level of skills on BOWMAN, any capbadge in theatre would want from a siggie).

    CVHQ doesn't have this fault ..... so suggestions for the kitchen makeover

    (hope their isn't too many metaphors to confuse people.. )
  2. Cut out the fat and just serve the starter.
  3. Put some veg and meat in the main course 'all in stew' instead of leaving the ingredients on the shelve
  4. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Don't blame the soldiers for the shortcomings of the training regime.

    If soldiers are not deployable it's because they are not getting the appropriate training.

    Our allies seem to manage to overcome these issues. They do this because they take their reserves seriously in the CoC not as means of supplying CO's appointments for those who don't get to command their own Regt's or a handy top up of IRs.

    I am ever hopeful that the review of reserves will have some thing sensible to say but the the cynic in me says the fact that it's an afterthought to SDSR does not bode well.

    BTB Why can't we be more like the National Guard? I was in the Royal Hong King Regiment (The Volunteers) which had the same IS and MACP roles and deployed in those roles.

    I do believe in compulsory mobilisation and the deployment of formed units but as I say the reserve would have to be taken seriously for that to happen.
  5. The problem at the bottom of it.... and it has been identified by people in charge of training regs and TA (mostly SNCO's as would be the case in RSigs)
  6. Disband TA Sigs, your fecking rubbish even by TA standards! Some decent individuals but on the whole, you lot struggle to pass a message never mind do comms! And don't get me started about wpn handling and fittness!

  7. Dont sit on the fence, tell us what you really think :)
  8. I always try to remain impartial!
  9. OMG! Insulted by a budgie!

    Rubbish by TA standards ... I'd say Sigs were in the top 30%
  10. Hahahahaha And I really am laughing here!
  11. 4 Yorks and 4 Mercian are not 95% of the TA are they.. So sigs not as good as them lot... so my real estimate being top 5%, 30% was conservative :)
  12. The TA sigs do the best with what they have and I am talking some seriously crap equipment. Some Dets in the TA sigs are 30+ years old!

  13. Why 4 YORKS and 4 MERCIAN? (Have I missed something?)
  14. Really ? What kits that then, do tell.
  15. Top 30% of what? Seiously, what? They're not even good at comms for crying out loud. Like Bruce Willis said there are some great lads amongst them, but they are let down by a pretty shabby organisation.

    That actually makes even less sense. Which brings me back to my point about R.Sigs and their lack of communications skills.