Ramsay caught out

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by shortarms, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. Yes I know its from the Scum. :roll:


  2. And this is current affairs how?
  3. Haven't you watched Great British Menu on BBC 2?

    It seems all the top chefs prepare food, and vacuum seal it to infuse flavour before heating it up in special water tanks later... If it tastes good then who cares. You don't HAVE to eat there, do you?
  4. His food is excellent and the recipes in his books are usually designed for the layman, very easy to prep and plenty of good stuff in there to feed the carpet commando's when the other half is away...

    A good site that is full of videos showing you how to cook some top grub is here: Look and Taste

    This is destined for the ARRSE Cooking Forum I think... 8)
  5. Seems like The Sun are trying to bring him down of late. They build them up they knock them down, all for money.
  6. Wonder where this all started...
  7. Then there was his waltish Rangers story.
  8. He's that worn out leathery faced prick who seems to be on every channel though that French tart Marco Pierre White seems to be over taking him in the 'I'm a hard as nails chef' and the 'look, I've got another tedious chef program and cookery book out' stakes.
  9. Panda - White is famous for not ever having been to France, I believe the Marco comes from an Italian mother. He trained Ramsey.

    But back to the point: Gastro pubs: What the fcuk do people expect? It's one step up from a Harvester. If you went to a Michelin star restaurant and were served something that had not been cooked for you on the spot then complaints are due, but then thats why it costs three times as much, also the quality of the produce will be considerably better.

    In terms of costs, as a rule you take the value of your food and triple it and that covers your costs - remember you are paying for staff, gas, electric, mortgage/rent, business rates, licences, cleaning products, crockery, laundry etc etc.

    That said, anything considerably over that x3 margin is a pisstake and dishonest.
  10. I think the point is, if you ever watch Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares, he shreds the places to bits for using pre purchased or ready made ingredients, even when he is just helping out small pubs and small restaurants.

    It is a sheer cheek
  11. And in other rosy fiction-shattering news, Santa Clause is a myth, all lady shots in lads mags are air brushed to fcuk, and yes, size does matter, irrespective of what she says. :roll:
  12. My son is a chef at a posh hotel - he tells me that a lot of real chefs think Ramsay is a tw*t and that Marco Pierre White is the man!

  13. :D