Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by mar_may, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. Cant find one so thought id start it......

    Super Derby super rams!!!! :p
  2. Current position in Championship:

    Posn P GD Pts
    12 Derby 31 -6 39

    Just trying to work out what the "super" refers to!

    (Now waiting for Taboo to come along and give me a good kicking)

    And I must accept that its a bit rich coming from someone who supports Colchester United!
  3. Ill have to agree with schweik and ask how are the sheep super???

    now if you was talking about the mighty reds then maybe you would have a leg to stand on :p aha

  4. Oi you posh bloke,shut it!!

    I would have missed this one if had not been for a nice gentleman(I use this term loosely)texting me to grass you up..

    Prepares to nip over to FB and make you a mighty Rams supporter!! :D
  6. ahh yes, Derby, forever in the shadow of their more superior neighbours in Notingham and still have the record I believe for the fewest points ever in a Premier League season.....
  7. pffft in the shadow of the forest..... well see in the play off final lol...
  8. Derby in the play offs??? Not as long as there is a hole in my arse :p

    As long as the reds finish above the sheep I will be a happy chap :D

    "Build a bonfire, build a bonfire,
    Put the Derby on the top!
    Put the Leicester in the middle,
    And burrrnnnn the fu**in lot!" :D

    Taboo - I'm staying put on the naughty step :(

  9. you actually believe that you will make the play offs?? talk about deluded :D

    YOU REDS!!!!!!! :lol:
  10. if the scum down the a52 are so great.... when was the last time you beat us at pride park....... oh yes NEVER......
  11. Pffft- when did you win the european cup- oh thats right... NEVER :twisted:
  12. :D :D
  13. :D ouch!
  14. Always living in the past......... yawn.........
  15. Well we're still 3rd in the championship- where are Derby then? :D