RAMC World War 1 diary

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Moon-Pig, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Friend of the family has found a diary belonging to a private in the Med Corp in WW1. Its got a lot of names and dates in and is in pretty good condition. Don't really have any idea what to do with it, would like it to go somewhere that it can be viewed, studied or whatever happens with things like this normally? If anyone has any ideas or contacts who deal with these kind of things i would be greatfull.
  2. Either offer it to the Corps museum or donate it to The National Archives at Kew.
  3. Do not donate it to the National Archives, you will probably never see it again. The corps museum is a good bet, or even the Center of WW1 Studies at B'ham university, at least it will be available to serious students of the war. Do make sure, if you are not keeping the original, that you have a typed up copy for yourselves to keep.

  4. Have you considered transcribing it yourself and finding someone/where on the net to host it? I did this (for someone else) and found it a bit of a slog but ultimately very satisfying - it meant something that would have languished in an archive became available to a very wide audience.

    Someone on here


    might be interested in helping/hosting.

    Definitely not National Archives - they're only responsible for government records.

  5. Tha RAMC Corps Museum is at AMS Camberley. PM if for an email contact if you have no joy finding them on the web.

  6. does the diary read something like

    Monday, swept the road,
    Tuesday, painted boxes
    Wednesday, PT and painted the horse carriages (the precursor 432's)
    Thursday, Swept the road again because some leaves had fallen off the trees

    get the gist or have things changed since I joined civ div.

  7. Contact is:Captain Pete Starling
  9. pehaps in the name of persec someone could have PM'd the point of contact for the musuem., no names no pack drill even if he is retired.

    I agree though, the curator will be only too pleased to have a chat.