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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by The_Cheat, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. Ok so here's the deal. I'm a TA CMT2 and I'm thinking about going RE. I had almost a year off yet no one at 2 Med Bde could get me on a Tour. I enjoy being with the Medics, but I'm yet to do anything medical with them that's not the hearing test for a medical.

    My question is two fold:

    1) What is RE(V) trade training like? I don't know all the names of the jobs, but I know my current unit has a few RE types. Them and our REME guys sort out the Genies etc, what would that be called?

    2) With the Basic combat engineer's course, is that a 2 week course or several?

    Thanks in advance.

    T C
  2. Prepare yourself for some confusion. If you're talking to a Sapper, describe yourself as a Medical Technician as CMT will translate as "Cons Mat Tech" i.e. Construction Materials Technician, better known as "Mudstrangler" among others.

    The RE you've met attached to hospitals were probably Electricians, though other disciplines can find their way there.

    I can't answer with regard to trade training as, belonging to a Specialist Unit, we work the other way round and use your civvy trade as a base, rather than teach from scratch.

    If you're looking for Independent service particularly, trades available will depend on your local unit. Refer to:

    More varied trade vacancies are available in 170 (Infra Sp) Engr Gp RE. Overview at:
  3. Here goes...

    Before getting into the bones of it, all Spr trades are on the higher pay2000 band once you qualify as a class 3 ME(V). ME(V) is the primary Employment qualification and every sapper, whichever trade, is an ME(V) for pay purposes. as you gain credits (see below) you progress from class 3-2-1 ME(V) and every class change attracts a jump in pay band.

    however, promotion is dependent solely on your Secondary Employment Qualification which are the trade groups.

    there are 4 trades in the mainstream RE(V) (there are also specialists in the STREs but they are not my area so I wil leave that to someone else...)

    Combat (Cbt)
    Signaller (C3S)
    Plant Operator Mechanic (POM)
    Driver (Dvr)

    all trade training is generally carried out in a modular fashion rather than on a trade course. Each day of training earns 10 credits and the credits are used to determine your class in the trade. generally speaking:

    120 credits in your trade employment = class 3
    280 = class 2
    500 = class 1

    All sappers require to complete the Basic Field Engineering modules which take 4 days (2 weekends), these give you the basic competences to be safe on a task site and introduce you to combat power tools, health and safety and how to use knots and lashings amongst other things.

    The next modules will depend on your trade route:


    Mandatory modules are the following

    Water Supply - 2 Modules, 40 credits
    Watermanship - 2 Modules, 40 credits
    Demolitions - 3 Modules, 60 Credits
    Equip bridging - 1 Module, 20 Credits
    Mines - 2 Modules, 40 Credits

    there are a whole host of other modules which are done as and when available and count towards your class two and class one.

    to be promoted to LCpl you must reach class 2 and complete a JNCO Cadre.

    To be promoted to CPl you must be Class 1 and must complete the Field Section Commanders Course either before promotion or within 2 years to be made substantive.


    Signallers follow a similar pattern but must also pass their Cat B+E Aquisition and Fam, they are also security cleared as part of the process.

    because the modular route is difficult to do for signallers as all of the trg is very sequential in nature there is generally a class 0-2 trade course run at Weymouth each year on the centralised courses camp.

    following on from that units run individual modules to get people up to class 1. Other courses required are the unit repair course and then the Sigs Cpls course, again usually run at weymouth.

    This may all be subject to change with bowmanisation.

    rules for promotion are the same as Cbt - Class 2 + Cadre for LCpl, class 1 plus cpl's course for Substantive Cpl.

    POM and DVR are much more difficult and take a far longer time to complete the training route.

    POM - each machine type is generally a 1 or 2 week course ie LWT, MWT, Excavator, Roller etc etc the length of the course determines the number of credits but to get class 2 and class 1 you have to have licences for particular equipment types. promotion rules are the same as above.

    Dvr - Cat B and Cat C aqusistion are each 1 week courses, the same goes for Cat C+E, following this fam on each type of vehicle is generally 2 days and then there are 4 day modules for specialist equipment such as SLDT (Self Loading Dump Truck), DROPs etc. ther are also number of theory modules such as documentation, general mechanical principles and others.

    As for a POM you require to get particular licences to get to Class 2 and class 1 and promotion is tied to the class and the cadre/course.

    So which trade???

    Combat is great fun if you like physical work, getting cold/hot and wet and getting muddy, you also occosionally get to blow sh!t up!

    C3S is good if you like a warm tent and brew on a drip.

    POM is good if you like to sit in a warm cab and laugh at the squeaks getting cold and wet - but it is also very demanding when you get into it and takes a fair amount of dexterity and skill.

    Dvr is again good for sitting in a warm cab but with the added bonus of a BV in some equipments and a 12V socket for the laptop/dvd player/microwave....

    but be warned, POM and DVR are very longwinded to get through and unless you can get time off work for four or five 1-2 week courses in a short space of time you will stand still for ages.

    Hope that helped,

  4. So the Sappers and Craftsmen are getting amongst the bottles? Good drills!
  5. Cheers HDT, very in depth answer! The reason I was thinking of RE was because of the Combat Engineer jobs. I thought every one was trained as that, then went on to do their other trade jobs.

    Don't think I'll be able to stay with a Field Hospital if I want that one... Is it availalbe at most RE units?

    Thanks for all the help.

    T C