RAMC (V) jobs for unregistered medical professionals.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by babo456, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    I signed up to this ages ago when i was in 51st Reg Scotland TA but never posted nowt!

    I'll try not to bore with my life story, basically joined TA, did my training, stayed for a bit, left due to getting a job working nights and weekends. Ever since i've missed it and theres a nagging in me to go back! (Some will say why!?)

    Since then got another job working for the NHS in an Eye hospital (pretty much mon-fri 0800-1800) I'm not a medically trainned person with degree's in this and that but i'm on a par with nurse pay wise and trainned to use defib etc.

    Is there anyone on here that is an RAMC (V) that knows what sorta things i could do? CMT appealed to me but i think this is now only regs only unless your a nurse in civi life joining the RAMC (V)?

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  2. Most units will have PIDs for mechanics, chefs and CMT's so speak with your local TA units and ask...all the ones round my area I deal with do...I pass on potential CMT 's to these units reguarly.
  3. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    We've got CMTs with no medical experience attached to an infantry bn.
  4. You could try 205 Fd Hospital RAMC (V) based in Govan, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee.
  5. You could also try 225 Medical Regiment (V) based in Dundee, Glenrothes, Sunderland & Leicester.


    225 & 205 are located in the same Barracks as The Black Watch (V) in Dundee on Dalkeith Road. If you can't get hold of their phone number I suggest you turn up at the Barracks (where there is a call button for each unit at the gate) and ask for whichever of the units you fancy. 225 should have someone from their recruiting team in from Mon-Friday 0900-1630 and on Wed night up to 2100.

    225 have many more places for CMT's than 205.
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  6. Cheers guys.