RAMC (V) in North West?

I am hoping to join the TA at the start of 2009 and train as a CMT. Somebody on this forum has advised me that his/her unit would not be able to train me up as I have no prior medical experience (Basic Battlefield First Aid is as much as I have ever done). Are there units in the North West (or possibly further. Anywhere within driving distance of Liverpool) who do accept recruits for CMT training?

I understand there is a year long gap in between CMT 3, 2 and 1. Are there courses that I could supplement my Military training with in my own time to help the process along?

I know the best thing for me to do is phone units myself, but I'll have to wait until they are open for business after new Year.

Any advice at all is gratefully received.

Don't know about CMT trg but there used to be (still is?) a TA Med Hosp unit at Plymouth Grove in Whalley Range, Manchester. (207 Fd Hosp I think)
In the NW there are the following AMS Units. 207 Fd Hosp in Manchester, 208 in a small sh1t hole of a place some 35 miles to the West (can't even bring myself to type the name but they are playing PNE in the FA Cup!) and then D(63)Sqn 5 GS Med Regt based in Chorley. This is a Role 2 TA sub Unit and is the one which you should join given the background you have stated.
If you want further details, PM me your contact details and I will pass them to the OC.
Good Luck
The last thing I was told was that we were only recruiting CMTs who were already civilian trained Paramedics. Has this changed, or does it only apply to TA units in 2 Med Brigade?

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