RAMC units deployed to Palestine 1936-39

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Am doing a bit of research and was wondering if anyone can tell me which RAMC units deployed to Palestine during the arab revolt 1936-39. I know there was a hospital in Gaza (BMH Gaza), but am curious to know whether any field ambulances or the like where ever sent. I assume i`m right in thinking that in those days, ever infantry regiment would have had medics attached to them, this would account for the GSMs with bar Palestine to the RAMC. But I`d very much like to know whether any RAMC units were deployed and is there a roll of honour for the RAMC during this period?

I was shocked to see the loses the RAMC suffered in the period 1945-48 in Palestine.
RAMC units deployed to Palestine 1936-39

Haifa, was the centre of operations for the '1st Palestine ExpeditionaryForce', where eventually they had a 200 bedded hospital.As far as I can ascertain from the RAMC Magazine of the time, the following Medical units were involved.
3rd General Hospital
8th General Hospital
No 3 CCS
33 Coy RAMC
2/1st Field Ambulance
4th Field Ambulance
2/3rd Cavalry Field Ambulance
3/3rd Cavalry Field Ambulance
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