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Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by rooster_teeth, Apr 25, 2013.

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  1. As much as it pains me to admit I need a spot of help :)

    No names on the board, a mate's Mum is being dazzled by a supposed RAMC full Colonel courtesy of a dating website.

    Again, no names so am looking for PMs only from RAMC types or anyone who can confidently I.D. a current RAMC full Colonel.

    I've done the usual digging and am awaiting a picture that wont be used until proof is certain but the following is whats been said;

    • Currently at Bastion
    • R'n'R is soon, matter of days
    • Property owner, properties in Cornwall, Hampshire and Surrey

    I usually wouldnt give a fuck but this woman is now truly hooked and she's not long a widow and is very sound, a seriously cool old bird who was the central character in my wank bank from 14 - 16.

    To further compound suspicion he has stated that he wants her to look after his medals as he doesnt trust putting them in an Afghan Bank whilst he is there (?), he is apparently at the highest rank he can achieve and joined as a private, a suggestion has also been made by him that she should 'sell up' and move South to be with him regardless of the fact they've never met (sound familiar?)

    Naturally my pal is shitting himself that his inheritance is due for a trip down the plughole but lets be fair, based on the above she is almost certainly being taken for a cunt, I knew as soon as I'd scanned the usual broadsheets and digested the 'Afghan Bank and his medals' bollocks, it would just be helpful to nail it down as gen that he doesnt exist and that there are no records, I can then brief her and hopefully she'll stand down. I cant approach her yet as my mate has been able to check the account as she rarely signs out so will drop himself in it.

    (once bubbled though that would leave ample scope for a cracking stitch up if she gives up her log in details :) )

    PMs please if you can help.
  2. Case closed, fucking bluffer.

    Cheers for the confirmation.
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

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  4. Fuck me that was quick. Do we not get any details?
  5. Oh c'mon more info. Failed CMT?Drain Sniffer? Lab Tech?Pharmacist? who was it?
  6. My pal is going to present the findings tonight, she is ace so feel a bit sorry for her but i'll give her a bell once the bombs been dropped and if she's happy to fess up her dating website log-in i'll have the fucking snidey cunt stood outside a corner shop in darkest Huddersfield clutching roses and a Daily Telepgraph under his arm all night, either that or my pal can reel him in and panel his napper :)
  7. An hour, Flash to Bang?

    I'm just disappointed that we're not all cunts, all the time.
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  8. No records whatsoever, said he was on R'n'R in 8 days, asked her to meet him outside his UK 'base' (yet to confirm which one), the whole 'ooh cant let an Afghan Bank look after my gongs' deserves a toe punt to the cocyx if nothing else :)
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  9. Unlike the relentless pursuits that some people undertake on here for some sort of social validation, this will be squared away outside of Internetshire :) Makes you wonder though how many other manky female pensioners are on the end of his proverbial hook :) ??
  10. That's a good point. I might sign up for Military Dating.com and reel some fuckers in.

    I hope I can rely on your support and efforts when I get the first bloke on the balcony that needs me to look after his medals and wants my bank account details.

    That would be too, too funny!!

    I'll do it later - Gilmore Girls is on soon.
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  11. Like cloudy bollocks you do, you just want your rancid fish socket to be violated with frozen victuals.
  12. Such filth from a man (or woman) of your standing.

    Frankly, I'm outraged
  13. May I be the first to accuse you of being an outrage walt?
  14. No honest Guv, I'm really upset an' all. Crying I am, straight up
  15. you lie like a cheap NAAFI watch.

    cheap as it cost the NAAFI very lttle and is of low quality, however it's price will not reflect this.
    Other purveyors of low quality merchandise at highly inflated prices are available.
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