RAMC trade training

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jase2472, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. I am transfering from Royal Sigs(5 years service) to RAMC and i was wondering when the dates are for the trade camps and what the training is like and if anyone has any other tips or hints
  2. What are you going to be doing in the RAMC? Any idea where you are joining? Give us a clue?
  3. i am @ 93 sigs in Lancashire. i will still be there as the medic just re-badging to the medics prob as CMT
  4. I take it that you are a fully trained soldier then? In which case you will just have to do the two week trade training- either at Strensall or Aldershot. That makes you a CMT3. Then you have to wait a year between each of your trade courses.

    What to expect during trade training? No field work, no shooting, very little drill, lots of brain work. Like anything if you work hard you should get through it with no troubles. Just keep your head down and your brain switched on. 8)

    When you get back to your unit- have you already got other medics there? Do you know who is supposed to be 'in command' of you in the medics chain? Anyone you can pinch kit off? :x
  5. Ok Jase.

    The next CMT 3 courses at DMSTC are as follows:

    18 Nov – 02 Dec 06
    13 Jan – 27 Jan 07
    24 Feb – 10 Mar 07

    After that comes CMT 2. If you get a Distinction (>95%) on CMT 3 you have to wait 6 months, below 95% you have to wait 12 months.
  6. does anyone have the lesson notes on disc for CMT 3 or that can email me with thm
  7. You will get a huge great course precis that has everything in that. Just bring plenty of hightlighters and a pencil to write in that.

    There is not a huge amount of note taking judt picking out important bit and making sure that they go in. If you are not Medically minded in the civvie world it will be a huge shock. a Civvie First Aid @ Work is a good footing to start from.

    Week 1 consists of Anatomy and physiology - Best this to pre read would be some GCSE biology revision guides. Major Bones, organs, where they are. Also the Heart is a huge one, so all the delightful bits as well as understanding of the various functions of the body. Don't worry they will go through this/

    Week 2 is Clinical Skills....prepare to be bored....Don't mix your clean hand with your dirty hand....you will understand after the course.

    Good Instructors, SGT J and CPL E are fantastic, bring beer tokens and a car if you can. All in all a good fun course. It's pitched at the right level for entry level medics.....I had only done FA@W. You will need to put in some hard work with revision and working in the classroom in the evening to make sure everything goes in.

    Just make sure you understand that there is a civvie way to first aid and an army way. YOu will be on the course with experieced paramedics who you see are biting their tongue at some of the stuff we are shown.

    Anyway, good course, good luck.
  8. cheers buddy thanks for the info, been 1 aider @ work for 5 years and done the BCDT course so hopefulley will be ok on it thanks for the advice
  9. Kinda on the same subject:

    Can you just slap in for the CMT course whilst part of a non-med unit then?

    I'm currently just about to start trade training with the TA RE, but would prefer CMT.

    Still waiting to hear from the local field hospital - but maybe I could be a bit more pro-active and ask for the course???

    On a more techinical note, anyone know if being a poor responder to the Hep-B vaccine is a no-no for a TA CMT???

    (PS - yes I have asked similar questions on here - but I am thick as fcuk.)
  10. As far as I'm aware, anyone can attend a CMT3/RMA3 course provided their unit has need for folks in that role. I know my CMT 3 course had a variety of folks from across the board, so, broadly, yes.

    This is more of an issue as it is a requirement to fulfil a clinical role. If you have not been signed off as immune then you will not be authorised to stick your fingers in anyone, which is disappointing to all of us.
  11. Welcome to the Corps jase but BEFORE you re trade you must get hold of a copy of the "scope of practice for CMT (V)" because unless you are a paramedic / technician / nurse you are heavily restricted to what you can do unless you are overseen by a reg cmt 1 or Doctor and thats as a class 1 (V) let alone a class 3. i DON'T want to rain on your parade fella but rather you find out now and you stay a sig then change and then come on here rambling about not being allowed to use your new skills. Phone your nearest TA med unit and speak to a TA CMT.