RAMC Trade Bands

Does anyone know where I can find some trade bands? The AMS museum directed me to the Corps RSM. But I don't fancy giving him a ring. Any ideas?
They don't have any. 4 Med sent some over but they've run out now.
Corp badge has bought a shed load and has given some to units already. His direction is that trade bands are still to be worn by class 1 Cpl and below.

Link in with your CoC in the first instance. however BPT fork out your own beer tokens to get them sewn onto your FAD
Happy to fork our. Just finding them is the drama. CoC has a few but I don't want to be left out.
Are these being worn with FAD?
Where are they being sewn exactly on FAD then? Just above that pointy bit on the cuff, or on it?

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