RAMC Trade Bands

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by the_wolf, Sep 30, 2010.

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  1. Weve just got a girls 2's back from the tailors after having her trade bands attached. As a CMT 1 im assuming its correct that she has two bands, however the tailors have fitted them to both arms plus they dont go all the way around and are only attached across the front, if you get what i mean.

    Is this right or are they mongs? Forgive my stupidity, i aint no medic
  2. From Dress Regs:

    RAMC Dull Cherry worsted tubular braid bands are worn on the right sleeve by all Class 1 and 2 tradesmen below the rank of Sgt on No 2 Dress. Class 1 wear two bands and Class 2 wear one band. The first band is to be 165mm (6 ½ inches) from the bottom of the jacket sleeve with the second band 13mm (½ inch) above the first.
  3. Isnt there some issue with them being attached to FAD? Like curly prussian cuffs or something?
  4. Err no - the Dress Regs are what they are...........FAD is just the new uniform to sew them on too.
  5. I'm sure I heard some moaning about how the new FAD jackets have pretty cuffs with some ornate lace pattern on them like a prussian general.

    Usual moaning is that it makes adjusting the cuff length a mission - as you have to unpick and move the pattern - but also that the trade bands if affixed as per dress regs go on top of the lace pattern?
  6. As above should be on the right arm only and from what I can remember they do not go all the way round but terminate around an inch from the crease on the inside.
  7. spot on Cherry. Many years ago on my JMQC I was the only member of the front rank not to be jailed on the first RSMs 2's inspection as I was the only one with the correct Trade bands on. Nothing to do with me though, it was the tailors at the QEMH. Others had them too high, too low, gap between them too much and a couple looked like they had commissioned into the merchant Navy.
  8. Filbert - checked your PMs recently??