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Hello all,

My dear sister is seeking to join the RAMC (TA) upon the commencement of her a-levels. She feels that within the corps she can make a contribution and gain experiance to support her future application to medical school whilst making some money. All good thoughts I reasoned.

She then asked me what it would be like and I quite honestly couldn't tell her much so here was where I was hoping the board may be able to. I assume you still have to do the phase 1 basic soldier training? How does your career training progress after that... into what I assume is the CMT role?

To be honest i'm not even sure what sort of questions I should be asking so any information about the role/units that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

I not sure they are still recuiting CMTs in the TA anymore. Might be better off joining UOTC when she starts uni, or if she's really keen to join the TA try a different Corps. Best to enquire at her local TA medical unit.
I THINK medical roles in the TA have now become open only to those who are medically qualified as a civilian. I beleive it may be possible to go in as a Health Care Assitant type thing?!!?? However she would be able to gain CMT qualifications as a soldier in a different corps. Dont quote me though.... it would be best to ask at a local TA unit/field hospital. Good luck!

For RAMC CMTs it goes:

TAFS 1&2 (Two Weekends)
(CMS(R) (Two Weeks)
(Training Gap) (Varies. Sometimes several weekends, sometimes two weeks)
CMT 3 (Two weeks)
CMT 2 (Two Weeks, minimum 6 months after CMT3 if passed with distinction)
CMT 1 (Two weeks)

And all of your BATLS/BARTS training is done in between in addition to blood transfusion courses and all that jazz.

Will take, all in all, about 3 years to reach CMT 1, I think.

Specialists units (19 days commitment) are 306 fd hosp/335 MER(V)/Manpower pool who are based in York.

Independent field hospitals (27 days commitment) are dotted around nationally and have squadrons based in most major towns and cities.

Any other Q's just PM me.
So if she was to join in the next year there would no longer be a role as a CMT in a medical unit available? And if not, and there isnt (excuse the lack of punctuation keyboard is broken) a new role in the RAMC(V) to cover it what are her chances of being allowed to do it whithin an independant unit? I would assume they would put emphesis on being a "signaller" or trog etc which would really be contary to her desire to get experiance of practical med. Please do bare in mind its not just a selfish desire to have something for her med school cv she would be happy to serve but she only wants to do so in a medical role "heal not fight" sort of thing.
I'm on my unit's Recruiting team and we can now only take CMT's if they are Student Nurses/Drs parameics etc
Somthing to do with staying current et that no one unerstands. The RMA/RCMT job s till there though, and the training is still the same.
I'll find out more for you next time I'm at the unit, but the way I understood it was that existing CMTs could stay, but any new ones had to have health care jobs in Civi street.

I'd be cautious - joining at the start of her A2 year means she'll only have been in 3 months or so before she gets to interviews for Medical School. As a Medic myself, I'd worry that the school may see her TA committment as proof that she'd go into the Army rather than join the NHS. I was quite careful to hide any intentions to join up while at my interview.
Basically she won't really learn/get to do anything in the time she has before interview (which is the only time it counts) and it COULD swing against her.

Just my 2 penn'worth.
I'm not sure where TC is serving, but I know of no official bar on the recruitment of walk-ins as CMT(V)s. Admittedly, it isn't actually an under-subscribed trade in the AMS TA. However, if she is intending to study medicine and has the grades and offer of a place to support that aspiration then I can easily see a TA Fd Hosp opening its doors to her.

It sounds like several people on this board have an in-road to the AMS TA, but if you PM me, I can put you or her in touch with her closest Fd Hosp, no problem.

Cant' speak for the Div GS Med Regt (V)s, though - not my ball-park.

Im at a Field Hosp at the moment and have been told that we're not allowed any more CMT's and that it came from 2 Med Bde. Whether or not what I was told was balls is an other story, but we've definatly stopped accepting CMTs now.

I just got told to fcuk off to the OTC 'and come back when you have a commission as a third year student.'
I wouldn't worry as far as mentioning the army at interview goes, all army docs have to do the same training as the NHS, and as they work in the NHS most of the time anyway (bar general duties / RMO posts or the 3 months a year commitment to the army if not a GP) it shouldn't make any difference, if anything, it'll strengthen her application. There's certainly no need to hide it. It'd still be worth trying to join the TA as a CMT, they'd stopped recruiting CMTs for our Fd Hosp but got special dispensation to take me on as I worked as an HCA and wanted to be a regular MO. One thing to be aware of though, is as a CMT class 3 you'l spend lots of time training but never really using your skills, cos everyone's a medic (although you will learn a lot). I've also been with an infantry unit and now a yeomanry unit, and it's much better, as I provide med cover and also teach 1st aid, makes you feel you're actually doing something worthwhile.
If she applies to one of the traditionally male units, then she'll be near enough guaranteed to be a medic, as that's where the lasses get put (there or clerking...eugh).
If she wants to chat to me bout my experience and applying to med school etc, pm me. (I'm due to start 3rd year @ med school after taking a year out doing research).

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