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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Outstanding, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. Quote from OTC:
    I'm a 4th year medic paid by the army, when I started med school post 2 years @ Welbeck College I converted to a £1000 per annum bursary (tax free) automatically. I believe the system is the same for Sixth form bursars too.

    Once you embark on clinical years (the last 3) RAMC pay you a salary c.£15,000 p.a., unfortunately taxed like a bitch, providing you undertake an 8? year return of service post med school

    Speak to RAMC Recruiting they are always helpful: Quote

    Anyone able to advise on this?
  2. Advise on what?
  3. Your a medical student who is trying to get more money to pay for your beer habit.....get a freaking job like the rest of us........or become a QA and do bugger all but eat pies :threaten:
  4. salary is 13kn abit, 14k and a bit more, 16k. It's taxed as anything would be if you earn that much. It's 6 years return of service after F2. Scholorship students still have to sit the board IIRC. But surely a 4th year should be in contact with the guys at AMS HQ and know this...? Can't see what the question is really..
  5. obsessed?
  6. No I am not 4th year, just passed RCB and got army scholarship looking to do medicine and asking what the bursary arrangements are, whats the best thing to do?
  7. Fuck me, if you get in to medical school... what are you gibbering on about?

    Learn to express yourself FFS. C- for communication skills.
  8. So obsessed I married one..........and regret it :shakefist:
  9. If you cant understand read it slower. Age is so cruel.
  10. Sorry, but I come from an era where punctuation is viewed as a useful aid but which nevertheless recognises that a question mark is not in itself sufficient to make something a question capable of being answered.
  11. However, your sentences remain overlong and tortuous.
  12. The answer is in your original post you tit.
  13. Does that apply to non Welbexians too? I wouldn't go there - I'd rather be an overseas cadet!
  14. What does it say in the quote in your original post, shit for brains?

    Or is the suggestion that the same system applies to sixth form scholars as Welbexians what you are asking to be confirmed, in your confused fashion?
  15. I'm as confused as you are old son. Perhaps he's been at the gak again.