RAMC Small Arms Courses - do they or don't they?

Hi Medics,

There is a thread running on Combat Roles for Women, one of the Posters, BADAL states with conviction that RAMC Soldiers do not do Small Arms Courses? Is this true?
He'll be telling you next that there arent any RAMC in the SAS or who havent done special duties!
ah yes,a certen irish lt col who was sas doc and when not that was RMO for a GR bat.
always a gleam in his eye.
especially when lopping the top off a bottle of champers with his big Kukri(oo er)


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Hi Medics,

There is a thread running on Combat Roles for Women, one of the Posters, BADAL states with conviction that RAMC Soldiers do not do Small Arms Courses? Is this true?
2005, Basrah, MND(SE) HQ: Commander Med was heading down to Shaibah with a Browning in a rather self-consciously private-purchase drop-leg holster. (He was otherwise a thoroughly decent and professional officer, I can excuse a small error of taste such as that). You need to be trained to be issued a weapon, QED.

Legally, military medics are entitled to be armed to protect themselves and their patients, and they can stockpile weapons (taken from patients) without any issue: they can take part in wider combat but lose their protected status by doing so.
We had a South African medic on tour with us who was a wizzard with Minimi and GPMG.

Helped the Medics and Bandies on Herrick get through their Skills und Drills on pistol and rifle in Afghan, quite a few went on to get trained up GPMG, HMG and GMG.
Ventress, i concur you did!!

"Sit up check now that you have slate and chalk if your not in that condition let me know"

In regards BADAL statement of conviction, he really needs to inspire himself with some homework. I personally think that during training (his statement reflects soldiers in training) that no arm or corp will conduct SAC wether at Brecon TAG (G) or TAG (S). As for RAMC soldiers (badals words) there is a plethora of soldiers who have completed OOSAA (first bit of homework for you badal!!), but not lets not stop there, there is of course the RADC, RAVC and the QA soldiers who as far as i am aware have also completed OOSAA when required.
i have been told that there haveing there SA80s taken away later this year,,(Ellesmere port) there allowed to carry a sidearm. blimie i played with a few things in the late 60s 70s... how things have changed.
In order to properly defend themselves the medical personnel in our infantry units use the same weapons issued to the infantry (ie Diemaco C7A2 or C8). This is also to make sure that the enemy won't be able to easily recognise the medics!

I gather the same goes for RAMC personnel.
ive completed, cmcq, rmq, and a few others to boot,
To answer the question directly (having seen the subsequent discussion posts that have digressed)

Yes of course RAMC personnel complete their AA SAA courses, be it at TAG G or at the lovely place in Brecon. RAMC personnel go on to instruct at Phase 1 and Phase 2 establishments (Phase 1 requiring the AA SAA qualification for any section commander Instr)

There happens to be 2 x RAMC personnel at the SAA Wing, RMAS, both teaching Plt str weapon systems to cadets before they take their own Pltns.

You tend to find that those RAMC personnel who successfully complete AA SAA and then get assigned to a phase 1 establishment are the cream of the crop, there are of course exceptions occasionally..... but the course is not easy and requires considerable commitment and ability to complete it with an ATR recommendation in the bag also.

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