RAMC promotion boad results

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by fabiothecrow, Sep 2, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone have the Pte to LCPL RAMC promotion board results. If so, can you pm me or email me with them please.

    Thanks in advance

  2. When you picked the straw from the RSM's hand how long was it? the straw that is, not the RSM's hand !!

    Apparently that is how the boards select for promotion.
  3. When you see the RSM give him my regards then - if you can reach his hand while you're on your knees with your mouth full...oh and cheers for the help!!!
  4. I don't talk to rsm's..I am RSM's
  5. And we all know how made it there!!

    Plenty of the white stuff and i dont mean milk!!
  6. seems to me that you're making this kinda personal !! If you don't want humouristic replies..don't post..
  7. MM, is that gramatically correct in accordance with DWG JSP 101 v10? Are you more than 1 person?
  8. Ok I always admire someone with a bit of spine, but fabio I would point you to other posts from medman82 before going personal, as you might see that he bat's for the troops and is by no way a party line follower.

    I myself was one of the troops and as such can understand the mistaken belief that anyone who reaches RSM is an arrse kisser. Although there has and I am sure medman82 will agree been a fair share of spineless w*nkers holding that role over the past ten years, there has however been some good ones as well, don't tar all with the same brush.

    As for promotion here is a general rule of thumb:

    Do you have a spine?, if so it will take you longer.
    Do you have brown stains on your teeth and your name on the bottom of your boots?, if so your name will be on a promotion board every 2 years!!!
  9. Drilly, if you knew me, you would know that I could be three people, Not one for weight loss programmes if you catch my drift.
  10. MM, are you trying to say that you are no stranger to the fridge, a salad dodger, a pie muncher or are you just a fat b*****d?
  11. I'm all 4 matey, but prefer to be called "plump" or built for comfort, not for speed.

    You kill it....I'll scoff it.
  12. You've been scoffing it all your life
  13. still searching for that sense of humour dui-lai? welcome home ye auld goat. I've heard that 3 CS want you full time cos your brill.
  14. Suicide before I contemplate that matey........but I am brill though
  15. If i at my lowly level can squirm my way out of PT on a regular basis, then I'm sure medman has all the swerves down to a fine art. Mind you though, he might be keener that me (which lets face it is not difficult).

    So med man, are you built for comfort or speed?

    If you came off the board, you would know by now, all ours found out on friday.