RAMC personnel in another capbadge unit

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Who is usually responsible for their CRs? The RMO?

  2. to coin a popular phrase by a well known ARRSEr................................Ask your PSI!


  3. msr

    msr LE

    you are nearly as funny as I am :roll:

  4. i would imagine it would be the same as i when i served in a field hospital . part 1 and 2 with oc and co and part 3 with a capbadge of your own.

    i know when i was with a field hospital that i had oc and then co did their bit and then had to organise the next bit with my own capbadge of half colonel or above
  5. This is certainly our approach with RAMC, REME LADs et al, we will seek cap badge input at the appropriate level, seems to work, no issues to date anyway.
  6. Whilst being RAMC (since I left the RN in 1991) I have been part of several non medical units: 78 Engineers, SUOTC, 104Bn REME and now 165 Port Regt RLC. None of them have had RMO's.

    Apart from a year on FTRS and around two years mobilised service, (for which I did get CR's) I have had just five CR's from my TA units.

    Three were written by Sqdn/Coy Commanders, one by my medic Sgt (when I was a L/Cpl) and one by someone I never met, who didn't know me and I never knew, even by reputation.

    Eight CR's in ninteen years, is that good or bad for the TA? In the RN I got one every year (87/91), in the RMR before that I got two in a year (86) and in my TA service before that (81/85) I don't ever remember seeing one at all.

  7. Hmmm.. not sure there are stict rules for this as the CoC can be quite confused. It should really be the Med Sgt (or MO- ha ha ha ha!), but it can happen that they rarely see the people they are supposed to be writing about (different sub-units/Coy).

    I have seen them writen by CSgt, CSM, 2IC and OC. Four different years, four different people responsible for the SJAR. Keep guessing! It depends on who the OC wants to erm... volunteer to do it. All personal experience, so not by the book!
  8. Filbert Fox here, borrowing someone elses account, I spent 5 years at a non-medical unit with no other AMS personnel in it, my part 1s were done by my subunit OC (RN), part 2 by the CO (Army) and part 3 by Commander Med. Hope that helps.
  9. Our RAMC soldiers are reported on by the Tp Comd in the absence of having an RMO in post, similarly our Tp Comd writes the reports for our AGC since we aren't established for an RAO (V) (not sure if the RAO (NRPS) does an insert slip to them as well though). Having said that the REME reports all go to OC LAD.....
  10. Sounds familiar I was TA 1998 to 2003 and then from 2005 to 2007 and never got a single CR. All I had was course reports and op inserts. Joined the RAuxAF in 2007 and I've had a SJAR every year since and I actually feel like they give a stuff about my development and my "career"
  11. Slightly off topic, but out of curiosity how are non-mobilised TA officers and soldiers reported on. In other words, for a soldier or officer who is doing X many drill nights, weekends and summer camps, etc but is not mobilised on operations or on an FTRS contract (or anything similar), does he or she get an OJAR or SJAR? If so how, as with less time in the saddle than their regular counterparts, TA officers must spend their entire time in uniform doing MS? It takes enough of my time up and I wear green full time.
  12. Check the AMS MCM Div website - the documents have the correct reporting chain. RAMC require a Major to write on all ranks above LCpl as 1 RO. So notes from those that know you (better) to OC, CO as 2 RO. Comd Med or some other RAMC grown up as 3 RO.
  13. Before all the OCs dive in and tell you that it does take up all their spare time, etc., etc., for which they don't get paid...

    ...it's probably a bit easier in the TA than it is in the Regulars in that we have a relatively static workforce. While there are newcomers, early-leavers and the time-expired, most people tend to stay in the same sub-unit for a considerable period. Many of these find their niche and stay in it. Although "cut and paste" would be a flippant answer, in the main it's not far from the truth, minor edits here and there are often sufficent.

    The fastest turn-over is probably in the ranks of those who write the SJARs, so if a time-expired OC passes on his SJAR folder to the new incumbent... ...not only is time saved writing the next one, but there'll also be a consistency in the format that will allow better assessment of the progress of the subject.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Yes everyone should get an SJAR / OJAR, less for those who have very recently joined.

    Yes it does take up more time than it should, especially with our limited 'face time' with JPA.

  15. msr

    msr LE

    In a TA Artillery unit? I don't think so.