RAMC Past Dinner

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by smithy749, Dec 7, 2005.

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  1. I hear there is an RAMC Past dinner in Liverpool (Adelphi hotel) in the new year. An opportunity for past members to have a good weekend to catch up and see how much everyone has aged! Anyone got more info
  2. Yeah.....I'm going to that one.....3rd,4th 5th February.There are about 250 going up to now,could well be more.
    Anything else you want to know,just ask.
  3. Is it Past members only??
  4. See you there then Dodger.This will be the 3rd one, it started in Blackpool 2002,any ex RAMC person is entiltled to go.I'm offshore at the moment, and havn't got the details to hand, Though I'm sure Dodger can give you the website for the contact. It has been getting bigger every year and a good long weekend is had by all, oh, and its for wifes,girlfriends, or partners.The prices are very competitive as well.

  5. Lady H.........There is a Past and present held every year at Sandhurst,its for WOs and JOs,the person to contact for that is Ken Hannah.

    And if you are still serving I'm certain you will be most welcome at the Liverpool do.
  6. The person to contact for a direct answer is the Corps RSM at AMD, pm me if you want his number.
    The P&P for 2006 is scheduled for Sat 29 April.
  7. The P&P is for past and present members of the RAMC, RADC, QARANC and RAVC.
  8. Thanks for that Filbert - may see you in April.
  9. Its a cracking function - lets just hope that Big Al's after Dinner spiel is better than the last guys wrist slashing effort!!
  10. its not a cracking function at all. i was one of not many females at one once in haslar.

    and all the PFA guys wanted to do was 'kick off' with everyone. is that really worth 40 odd quid per head to watch a fight. absolute bollocks and typical blokes.

    why not just enjoy a function you have paid for instead of causing trouble. !!!!!!
  11. The P&P has in the past been a nightmare for some attendees.

    However, in recent years (while at Camberley/Sandhurst) the dinner has been in well attended, well organised and the behaviour has been in line with what is expected. Even some of the hunting horn players in the bar at 0300 hrs were in tune last year!

    Female members numbers are on the up and all those I spoke too were coming back in 2006. The general view by all those I spoke to (many who swore that they would never come back after Haslar/Portsmouth) was very positive - I beleieve that each year the number of members goes up, and the inclusion of the QARANC members has boosted the membership and attendance even further.

    Saying that and although I have not (YET) been to an RAMC Reunited weekend, I have heard that they too are an excellent weekend. I believe that many of those I met at the P&P are going, and I also believe that being all ranks (please forgive the term) people meet people that they would not normally come across after leaving the RAMC. I have heard stories about serving and non-serving attendance, but do not know enough to comment.

    Mick will no doubt give you the full SP. I think it may be past members

  12. Bit sexist to say that.
  13. in recent times all RSMs and COs are given the warning that if any of their troops kick off then it will be them in front of the DG to explain why their seniors thought it was the right thing to fight during the function.
    hence no dramas at the last 4 P&Ps I have attended.
  14. Sort of detracts from some of the fun, what next no drinking? What happens in the mess stays in the mess.