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RAMC Operational Honours


Staff Sergeant Thomas Edward John BRENNAN RAMC - MBE.
Captain Gail Lesley Whittle QARANC - ARRC
Surgeon Commander Sarah Ann STAPLEY RN - QCVS
Captain Mark Robert CRANLEY RAMC - QCVS
Colonel Peter Francis MAHONEY L/RAMC - QCVS

Not all RAMC obviously but should not be ignored.
Don't forget the others:

MBE: S/Sgt T Brennan RAMC
ARRC: Capt G Whittle QARANC
QCVS: Pte Charlotte Butler RAMC
Capt M Cranley RAMC
Col P Mahoney L/RAMC

All operational honours, all AMS, at last recognition.

well done all!

And my typing speed is just a bit slower then.
Staff Sergeant Thomas Edward John BRENNAN, Royal Army Medical Corps, Hospital Squadron Sub-Unit Quartermaster, Camp Bastion, April - October 2009

Staff Sergeant Brennan has been responsible for sustaining the hospital's military effectiveness. The time, effort, energy and dedication required to fulfil all of these critical tasks has clearly been beyond the call of duty, yet he has not flinched or faltered in his pursuit of them.
makes a change for someone in the QMs not to get the MBE for saving money by making sure all the lights are switched off and the heatings only on in the block for 3 days in the winter.
YAWN! Look at what point did I take the mickey out of SSgt Brennan? I was merely joking (remember humour?) that it made a change from some one in the QM chain to get a MBE for something other than switching lightrs off!

And I think I can take care of myself thank you.
I think some people need to read the posts instead of flying off the handle, the hero of Melchester Rovers and England (didnt England win the world cup when Roy was player manager?) posted the citation and then said it made a change for someone within the QM department to get an award for something other than saving the unit some cash.

Bedpan, you obviously didnt read the (crap) joke post posted to Forastero, even to my vodka soaked mind I could tell that it was meant to counter a post, no Im not even going to bother, reread the thread then it may make sense to you, the AMS used to have such a great sense of humour, maybe it finished when I left it! :)

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