RAMC No2 dress regs

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by semper, Oct 7, 2004.

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  1. hello
    i have just been rebadged to the RAMC, i have a set of No2 which will need rebuttoning and new collar dogs etc etc.

    can any of you tell me what is expected? brass or silver collar dogs & buttons, colour belts & lanyards?
    any help and advice even a photo would be helpful.
  2. Normal buttons for 2s with RAMC cap badge on them. Collar dogs with snakes facing inwards. Our lanyard is a dull red colour (same as stable belt) worn on the right (here I come a bit unstuck trying to remember how the damn thing goes!).

    As for belt, we wear a shitty green plastic thing! Bloody corps still hasn't got round to a decent belt for us to wear yet :evil:
  3. Forgot to ask, what rank are we talking here ??

    JNCO, WO & SNCO or Orifice??
  4. my apologies Its Sergeant
  5. and does the ACF badge go above or below the stripes? :twisted:
  6. As D-L says lanyard on the right top through bottom big loop through smaller, just to be awkward that is. Having said that u do see allsorts on parades.
  7. in response to an earlier question , yes i beleive the ACF title goes on the shoulder epauletes, to date i haven't heard any different unless someone more knowledgable can answer that .

    up to now im getting a lot of useful info.
    green belts ! it does seem a bit cheapskate of MOD. i am aware of stable belts but official parade belts as such?
    can you wear stable belts over jumpers in the RAMC ?
  8. meaning
    big hole loops behind epaulettes down the back and points forward to the front under the armpit and the small hole is pushed through it and hooked on the pocket button?
  9. What unit did you transfer from Semper?
  10. Yes except that the lanyard goes in to the pocket not onto the button,

  11. No official parade belts I am afraid, just the green shitty one, yeah lots of us have whinged for years about it but surprisingly nothing has been done :roll:

    We don't wear stable belts over the jumper
  12. thanks it was very helpful.

    anybody else with useful tips and information pls keep them coming
  13. too late for that, youve already re-badged :wink:
  14. true , i have loads of sewing to do !
  15. get a QA to do it for you :D