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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Beenie, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. Hello all, does anyone know where I can pick up a green parade belt as worn by ramc with no2 dress/fads? i've seen plenty of white belts with the capbadge on but I want one as per dress regs so green and material not plastic as it says. I'm attached to a non med unit so best to just pick one up myself I think.

  2. Between 86 and 97, I don't think I ever saw one once. It was always plastic - usually the same "working" belt as we were supposed to wear with lightweights. The only reason they were half decent condition was as we all wore a spare '58. What were you issued with? That's usually the one to go with

    Good luck with your search
  3. cheers, I rebadged so never had one, just got the new fad uniform. I do have a spare nylon green belt but even with brass fittings it's not a good look. every picture I see has the white belt and not just on no1s. I'll ask some of the lads who just came in see, if the had one iss
    ued for passout.
  4. Yeah. I went from LI to RAMC, but no one had one issued. We got a white plastic one with a brass buckle, not the cap badge buckle, like the green GS buckle but in brass, which we had to give back after passing out at Keogh (long story why I passed out twice).

    I do still have my white one and white woolly gloves though, somehow. I wore my 2's more in one week at Keogh (14 times*) than in the previous 5 years (twice).

    Yes, it was RoP's. How did you guess?
  5. Is there no a belt issued with FAD that you're supposed to wear?
  6. there's the brown material one that comes with it but that's not in dress regs. I thought that would replace the various belts we all ware too so either dress regs haven't caught up yet on army map who knows. found a coulerene green belt though so I may use that until told otherwise or the refs update.
  7. It's always been the belt that comes with the FAD since their introduction as far as I know. I know the dress regs are a bit dodgy though and don't really reference to this.
  8. The easy answer fellas and girls is... You wear the issued Fad belt with Fad, ( the brown cloth job) and the white belt if you passed drill course, simples. I'm ex LI and just done SMQC so I'm a ninja on Fad dress after being called a tramp.... rocked up with no lanyard or them gay shoes, peak cap etc.... Anyways, Keep smart my Med Corp Pumper friends .