For Sale is my RAMC quality Mess Dress, purchased & measured for myself by non- other than Michael Jay Taylor of Stowmarket. Wearing the Rank of WO2 but also has Sgt’s Chevrons to go with it, and a pair of size 9 George boots.
Jacket Chest 42”- 44”, Waist coat 42” – 44”, and Trousers Waste 32”- 34” with inside leg 32”.
This mess dress is in perfect condition like new always been Dry cleaned after use. If you’re interested PM me for £*** and photos available on request. :wink:
Does it mean RAMC quality ie suspect, or that it is quality
my mess dress is taking up wardrobe space but I like to go in when I'm alone and stroke it and talk about the great times that we had together. I dont talk to my george boots though, that would be crazy, I only had those for a year so they wouldnt know what we are on about most of the time.
Like you really remember those times that you were wearing it?
I remember putting it on
And after that
thats why I talk to my mess dress, however it was usually as leathered as me due to me missing my mouth so much with my drink!
Did well to miss that target
I was drinking through my mouth not my nose!
Curses drat and double drat missed the chance for the cheap big hooter line
unlike you my friend!
Must be getting mellow in my considerable old age
me too, I was actually nice to a CMT this morning!
I'm so ashamed!
So you should be
Afternoon venty
Bulldog, do you still wear your mess dress with added gimp mask (corps colours of course!) during those special moments with Venty?

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