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RAMC Medical Cadets

I have never found the link to the Cadet's page on the DMSD to be operational. Not since it moved to the new site anyway.
Fortunately I receive the newsletters, from both Recruiting and HQ, via the Royal Mail.

Cheers anyway...!


Book Reviewer
Bedpan2zero said:
Goatman said:
...have a newsletter...the October 2006 edition is apparentely online here

Le Chevre
bad link goaty
It's on the DMSD website...URL is http://main.defence.mod.uk/dms-site_med/dmsd site/cadetoct06.doc

Unfortunately, the October Newsletter contains names and phone numbers etc which I don't think should be replicated here.

But I'll speak to the editor and ask if we can put an email contact up on ARRSE for folk who would like to sight a copy ?

( Unless of course he/she is present??? Cue cries of " I'M Spartacus"....NO! I'M Spartacus !! ")

Edited to add: Hmmmm, a little bird (Thanks Robin) tells me that if you ping an email to cadetrecruiting@ramc.mod.uk the stunning Heather will send you a copy !

Lee Shaver ( for the English speakers)

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