RAMC medic caught by a an online

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by amazing__lobster, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. An online vigilante who pretends to be a 14 year old girl to caught posted an interview he did with an RAMC medic (am assuming he's RAMC) he caught out (at the end you see him stood by a police car - probably trying to work out how they're going to fit the fat cunt inside it).

    The fat 48 year old stripey is a bit of an embarrassment anyway and should have manned up before giving the whole "got blown up in the Gulf" story, but the self-styled peado-hunter winds me up as well just because he's part of the whole hysterical sex case culture.

    Army Sergeant Caught After Sending Sexual Messages to a 14 Year Old Girl - YouTube
  2. The paedo hunter is no better. I think Stinson gets wood by doing this, and if he didn't he'd be raping kids left and right. It's like gay bashers being repressed gays.

    Both of them are disgusting.
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  3. Well at least it will stop him from offering out people on the internet .

    Er whoever he may be :)
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  4. The thing is, did he actually do anything illegal? Surely just thinking you're doing something illegal doesn't make it so. He was talking to an adult. In fact, would this adult vigilante not be guilty of fraud or entrapment?

    I'm no lawyer, obviously. But is it breaking the law to think you are breaking the law when in fact you're not?
  5. The RAMC (?) bloke seems to be in some distress, and not just because he's been caught / entrapped.

    I find the self-importance shown by Stimson to be nauseating; if he really does view "catching paedos" as his job, why not simply bubble then up to the Police and not set himself up as some kind of Crusader?

    I'm not defending the medic but I do question the motives of Stimson. Appointing himself as Internet Custodian; vigilante and Judge all rolled into one. His continual use of "Sir" irks me, too. It makes him sound as if he is pretending to be a copper.
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  6. I've watched some of his other videos after a mate "liked" one on facebook. The group is full of the hysterical council estate dross you'd expect to get excited at shit like this - was reading a thread on it yesterday where they all started on somebody they were convinced was a peado because of something they'd posted on the group.


    Must admit this kind of activism makes my skin crawl as well, because some idiot a couple of years ago decided to share my profile after I commented on a group somebody linked to in the NAAFI bar on here (the "I'll free Maddy if I get so many likes" one). The guy seemed to think that anyone who liked/commented on the group was a peadophile... Although luckily he removed my profile when I told him I was going to involve the police - but I remember shitting myself for the three minutes whilst it was up.
  7. But e's keeping the kids safe, in'e?
  8. Yes he did, it's called grooming. He believed he was talking (sexually) to a teenage girl under 16.

    A bit like you poping out to score some coke for the weekend party. The fact you got ripped off by your dealer, who sold you icing sugar, doesn't mean that you didn't attempt to buy coke. It's all in the mind or mens rea in law.
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  9. If this guy is catching 'paedos', why does he pretend to be 14? At that age, a lot of girls are physically mature and sexually active.

    I'm not defending the fat medic, who got what he deserved, but I can almost understand some lonely old bloke jumping at one last chance to fuck something that isn't saggy. It's not like 18 year olds are queuing around the block to suck him off.

    My thoughts are that:

    a) It's illegal and immoral by most modern standards, but it's not the same as preying on a 12 year old. Even the law recognises this.

    b) 18-21 year olds should put out more. It's for the good of the kids. I might start a charity.

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  10. I might start pretending to be a 16-year-old Lolita online and then just laugh at all the sad old blokes who make twats of themselves.

    But then again I have a life, so probably not.
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  11. What's next for the group of valiant masked crusaders? Burning and lynching paediatricians?

    Sent via Heliograph from the Jebel Birkenhead
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  12. Well they fiddle with kiddies, don't they? With their stethoscopes and that. Some even put cameras up kiddies bums.

    Kill them all, I say. Then we can start on the PDSA.
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  13. Wonder if he'll turn out to be an arrser? This Stinson cunt did my nut in, and hopefully will get a good shoeing, does he get a bit of perverse pleasure in pretending to be a young girl himself?

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  14. I wondered that, but then it seems like the blokes served so the odds are stacked against it.

    Wonder if it'll turn out Stinson had a failed police application or something too.