Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by neanderthal, Nov 16, 2004.

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  1. Heard that the LE Commissions Board has gone public; 5 successful RAMC, 2 AGC (SPS), 2 RLC & 1 Inf.

    Thoughts and comments?
  2. More Tossers to be let loose !
  3. My how droll! Send for the corset police, I feel my sides will split from laughter.
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Maybe BA has had a bad experience with TFI LE's, there are some bad ones about- but there are some very good ones.
  5. What about all the other RAMC passed over from previous boards? Many would have made excellent Officers but for some reason or other they did not get passed the board.

    Neanderthal, many of us out here in AMS land have seen with our own eyes some of the SSC(LE) idiots commissioned into our own Corps from other Corps/Regiments, and it always astounds us as to why we take from others, who lets be honest, haven't a clue about the AMS its workings and strange habits.

    Speaking to some from these Regiments/Coprs who know certain individuals who are now commissioned in our Corps, they find it hard to understand why we took them, as their corps wanted rid of them long ago.

    Now before you start saying, bitter and twisted. I am just annoyed at some individuals (who were commissioned) who sully the reputation of our Corps by their attitude, lack of understanding and trying to change us to the image of their old Corps/Regiment.

    I would like to add more but gotta dash! I will however add more later :wink:
  6. congratulations to those members of the RAMC who were successfull, well done.
    As for the others, lets wait and see.
    Surely they cant be as bad as the former member of the AGC who claimed he was proud to be commisioning into the RMAC.
  7. I totally agree, congratulations on those being selected - does anybody know how the 2 RADC people did !

  8. Sorry, but........what an utter load of c**p!

    Ouch!!! Your 2nd paragraph seems to hit home 'Bitter and twisted'. It's an unfortunate fact of life that certain Arms and Corps commission individuals from others (for example AAC, AGC(SPS)/(ETS), Inf etc). It's always bound to cause a degree of animosity. However, why shouldn't a non-RAMC individual be able to fulfil an MSOs job? Take for example the ex-AGC individual. The ones I have seen commissioned into the Corps have adapted with very few problems. Additionally, some chose the Corps over and above their own Cap Badge due to the fact that there are far more employment opportunites The fact that they have ar*se wiped and wet nursed Adjts, Training Offrs, OCs and COs in many and varied units and HQs across the broader Army (and served multi-national, and tri-Service) from the rank of Pte up to WO1 gives them a wealth of experience with which to bring to the party.

    I have seen individuals commissioned from within the our Corps who certainly wouldn't stand much chance of obtaining an LE Commission into another Arm or Corps. :D [/quote]
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The list of guests of the AMS from the other side is long and distinguished. Some very good, some pap.

    They come in and try and reinvent a wheel long since found not to work. They have learnt all the doctrine and other workings of the Corps, got the Party Line sorted and then tipped up with a RAMC cap badge and think they invented penicillen.

    Dont fret this is not a B&T drip, as I left eons ago, but have enough knowledge of the dross we have allowed to contaminate the RAMC> I agree 100% with D-L (Dont tell him), a majority of passed over RAMC WOs would grace any Corps. But they don't apply to other Corps, we just those who couldnt get a commission in their own a chance to back door it into the RAMC.
  10. Why? Because our opinions differ? Thats life! Differing opinions make life very interesting!

    Not so much bitter and twisted, but realistic. I am not a CMT but feel there "pain"- for christ sake, Ventress and the rest will slate me for that :roll: I have no wish to be an MSO but wish to see the best suited individuals get these positions so our Corps can operate to the best of its ability. The AMS is a different animal from the "big Army" and cannot be made to operate in the same way, no matter how much some people wish it so :roll:

    I will agree with you to a certain extent that some individuals have added and contributed vastly to the Corps, however the vast majority of non-Corps personnel have tried to operate as though they were back with their old Regiments/Corps and this made matters....... how shall we say.......difficult to say the least :wink:

    What you have said there, in my opinion is I believe ball'ocks. The majority pick our Corps as it is seen as the easiest option for commission out of all the regiments/Corps available. Why do I say this? Bitter and twisted? No! Experience and discussion with those in the Corps commissioned from outside and the rest of the Army.

    True, they do bring a wealth of experience, some good but in my experience and opinion a vast lot of it bad.

    So that's my opinion for what it's worth (not a lot I hear Venty shout! :roll: )

    We have a vast goldmine of experience within our own Corps and what baffles me is why we do not use it but rely on those from outside the Corps.

    Still, 30 months to do and I can't wait :p

    Now that does baffle me, still to this day. Some individuals should not even be commissioned even as a QA :wink: Let alone commissioned full stop.

    This just goes to show how crap we are at managing ourselves.
  11. Seen the list a few days ago and would just like to say Well Done bod! you deserve it mate! Also heard a rumour of MH as Core RSM Hmmm if he can drag himself away from the jocks that is...
  12. How many RAMC personnel take LE commision into other Corps?
  13. Just to add a little flavour to this debate, whilst I standby what I have said earlier – Well done chaps, maybe a little financial maths will help:

    Example 1 WO1:

    22 Years Service:
    Golden Handshake 53K approx
    Pension 11K
    New employment say 20K + 11K Pension = 31K
    Spouse working say 15K
    Total 31K + 15K + 53K = 98K in first year of retirement
    Living in own house – Mortgage payments manageable

    Example 2 LE Commission:

    22 Years Service
    Golden Handshake NIL
    Pension NIL
    New career line 36K on appointment
    Spouse may be working
    Total = 36K + big Mess Bill, high lifestyle

    My point:

    Those that have been commissioned only earn for the next 5 YEARS 36K – Pension – Handshake of say 10K per year:

    RESULT: LE Wages for 5 years in the range 10K – 15K

    Who is better off - DISCUSS
  14. I've encountered many TFIs in MSO roles and it's not the LEs that bother me at all. All but a small fraction have shed the "Warrant Officer" act quickly to become officers who have taught me a great deal about how the job should be done.

    The ones that worry me are the officer TFIs from other Corps/Regts. All but one I've met so far are either corrupt, insane or perverted. Why are we not suspicious of officers applying for transfer because they couldn't hack it in their alma mater?