RAMC LE Commissioning

Ok, so here goes. . . . . . .

Please forgive me if this is posted on another thread.

Has anyone here (that I trust) gone through the RAMC LE Commissioning process in the last couple of years since the change to include the 3/4 day selection event?

I'm trying to get some info & would really appreciate your advice via PM.

see PM..................
You have people here you trust? quizzing it today?
Oh my god? is that you? Now it all makes sense. DO SOME WORK !!!!!

Thanx Foxy, advice taken & PM sent. Yes cherry i do trust foxy, but will wait to see if his advice is worth anything.
quizzing it? oh yeh baby, we were awsome. bloody exotic fruits? wnakers xx
You could always try a low cut top, it would provide a couple of talking points at least! (depending on the cadre presence on the board)
Gado said:
Yes cherry i do trust foxy, but will wait to see if his advice is worth anything.
you should always trust me! my advice is gold dust, use it wisely radiated large chested button pusher!
If I was to do anymore work then there would be no point in anyone else coming to work :).... ouch my head hurts
Lol, i have been feeling a little delicate today too. It was a good afternoon though. Thank you for keeping me company & making sure I wasn't drinking alone.

Guys, thank you for making me smile xx tech x 3, i'm not sure the good Major would be too impressed. Keep safe & don't work too hard. Remember I'm only here if you need anything.
oh yeh btw, (keeping on thread) I've managed to find out where the 'event' is to be held so at least i'll know which part of the country I'll be heading to if I get through the filter board. Oh i do love Keogh xx
Don't expect lots of vacancies this year.............3 or 4 is the rumour
yes, I heard that too, but it's all good experience.
C0kecan, just remember that if you make it to the actual board and they ask you why you didnt apply for the commission last year, dont use any of the reasons made by Boptollocks in the http://www.arrse.co.uk/professionally-qualified-ramc-qaranc/99795-odp-officer.html

Time lines too short
Wrong Off-Duty
Doesnt want shite jobs senior officers pass down
Post in wrong location
Didnt think his name was on a list he thought Hd ODP Cadre had
Congrats Gado its time to get ready for Keogh :) woop woop and congrats to my canadian counterpart, DO NOT let those navy peeps get the slot ;) then its me and you to control the cadre bud.... oh dear lol
Dont you have to bump off the two jocks already commissioned in order to control the cadre?
Boss and WO1 have around 4 years max to push so that fits just nicely. Not sure how long Capt M has but must be around 6 years, the Canadian will need that long to develope and hone his skills to take over the world erm I mean Cadre :)

The top end of the trade with the exception of 1 SSgt are all within 4 years of finishing
Sorry to see you FAIL to get through the filter board C0kecan!!!

There is always next year................and the year after...............and the year after that!

Think on the bright side, you have got a whole year to prepare yourself!!

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