RAMC joining Question

Ive got loads of years infront of me.
That's a relief. From your username, it sounds like you're going to need them to do some growing up in... ;) Calm down, I'm just yanking your chain. :)

If you're serious about joing the RAMC, then you should first look to see if there is a suitable TA AMS unit nearby. However, if you're looking to get your dagger, then RMR will be a good bet: you'll not have much of a chance to work with 3 Cdo Bde in the RAMC (unless you plan on being a GP, 29 (RA) and 59 (RE) Cdos are out) and chances to do the Commando course will be few and far between. P Company and Jumps are easier to get on to (if you think hurting yourself for money is fun!), as we have a Med Regt in the AA Bde. And of course, if you feel Hereford calling, there's always the MSU (although being badged isn't a prerequisite for that).

If any physios hear you suggesting that it's your second choice if your too thick to be a doc, they'll lynch you. However, there are physios serving with both the AA Bde and 3 Cdo Bde, although the Cdo Bde's are RN physios in the Cdo Log Regt's Med Sp Sqn. That said, you won't spend more than a couple of years with the AA Bde at the most: the skills of a physio (or, indeed, an MO) are too valuable to squander on one fmn for your whole career.

So you may need to decide: what's more important to you? Being a Commando? In which case, pehaps you should consider Lympstone. Or being a doc?


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